Friday, October 23, 2009

Chocolate Love

(more pics coming...)

I know that whole term "Chocolate Love" is so played
out at this point, but it really hit me yesterday and
I just had to write something about it.

Pretty much everyone loved the chocolates.
A few big biker guys said that they tasted like
crap, but they only tried the super dark goji clusters.

I later gave them the safer coco-almonds and got
an approval and a second helping.
Otherwise, people totally like them.
It wasnt really a foodie crowd, so super-dark
chocolate wasnt as appreciated as some of us might think.

There were about 15 of us working the event,
passing appetizers and chocolates, and I gladly
gave chocolates to anyone willing to try.
People that never had raw cacao before told me that
it was the best chocolate they had ever tasted,
and it turned into a mini-impromptu cacao party
in the employee area. One co-worker asked me -
"What the heck is in this stuff?...because i feel REALLY good!"

After some laughs and a theobromine explanation,
I felt so much gratitude and love for sharing this stuff
with everyone. I was so happy to hear that people were
digging it and having a really good time because of it.

To make something with care, passion, and love...
and see people enjoy it and appreciate it..
it was just a really special moment for me.

I can understand the joy that food artisans go thru
when people give back the love thru appreciation
that was so heavily invested in the preparation.

There will be lots more of this to come,
and Im overjoyed to finally be doing more career-wise
with raw and sustainable eating and living.
A little more each day...

Thank you for everyone brave enough to try the
chocolates last night (my fav was the bee pollen-cayenne-
cinnamon-sea salt mix) and I promise to keep bringing
more and more very soon...such a joy.

And thanks to everyone who sent good energy this way,
your kindness does NOT go unnoticed.