Friday, October 16, 2009


I sometimes get comments on the pulldown pages
like "My Journey and "Photos" and "Permaculture Design"
and since I want to keep those areas nice and clean,
I dont approve those...not that they are bad or anything.
Here is what has come up lately.


I liked the Wunder Boner video and your video about the spinach smoothie. I'm going to make one this week. I tried the raw food diet but I always end up hungry.

How do I get over that?


Are you trying 100% Raw? Don't feel like its all or nothing.
If I were you, I would add in more fat and cut WAY
down on the sugar. This will stabilize things and your
hunger pangs will likely disappear.

Or...just eat more. Hungry? Eat.
But if you eat more fat, you will be satiated longer.

I will drink some water when I wake up -
usually 32oz (1 liter) or maybe more with MSM
and hopefully some cayenne or turmeric.
This will give me a few hours before hunger comes.

I can then have a little kefir with berries and hemp
or even just some raw grass-fed bleu cheese and that
will take me clear to 3pm. Its interesting.

Good luck! Glad you are experimenting!!



Hi Anthony
Your little Eden looks Amazing! And only after three months too- incredible!
Fantastic what you have done.
By the way you're always saying "we" in all your videos who do you mean?
Keep up the good work!



I cant remember when this comment was posted,
but 3 months it has DEFINITELY not been.
I started everything in Late April 08,
and although I probably havent been on
site for more than 150 days, it has been
quite a while now. If only I lived there...

When I saw WE, I mean my family and friends.
Sure...its mostly me that is doing everything,
but I have recieved so much help from my dad,
my mom, some friends, and my grandpa who loads
me up with horse manure and black dirt.
Without these kind souls, Id be hurting.
It does take a village! Dont get me wrong though,
I was up there alone 99% of the time doing whatever
needed to be done (not like I wasnt totally enjoying myself
though...every second was like a kid at the playground).

But my dad waters, my mom harvests whatever is ready
and freezes it for me, and I get help in other ways.
My sister Liz killed army worms that were chewing
up all the raspberry leaves. I was in NY doing castings.
I think I really mean the "collective" we.
The group of people who have put in time and labor
(whether enjoyed or not) into creating this forest garden.

One day they will see the sense of it all,
and I won't be deemed the crackpot of the family :)


Hey there, I'm stoked about the dome greenhouse, just came across your site through 105 Degrees FB page. I missed the Live and Learn at 105 Degrees on Saturday. I am taking classes there currently and loving it. After moving here from Northern California I was happy to see Okc being the home of such a great place. I have been an urban farmer for many years now, selling organic fruits vegetable and herbs at the markets and hopefully some select restaurants soon. I have been on a vegetarian diet many years with occasional fish and poultry. I am weening myself off dairy (my weakness) and finding raw food diet to implement as well has so many benefits. The classes I'm taking are great to help with the transition and
replacing dairy with healthy alternatives.
I think its great your sharing your insight with others for healthy lifestyles. Keep up the great work and happy farming to ya.

Shelly Anderson @AndersonOrganic.

Not really a question but I wanted to put it out there.
The folks at 105 are pushing the limits in so many good ways.
And I just feel the good energy there, unlike other places
Ive been to recently. There is just this really crisp vibe there.

About the dairy...not all dairy is created equal (AT ALL.)
I used to believe that, and missed out on a great deal of
nutrition and TASTE because of something I read.

RAW grass fed dairy products can work wonders.
Look into your ancestral diet and think for yourself
when it comes to vegan propaganda. As a farmer yourself,
you understand the care and attention that goes into
smaller operations. These are the operations I support.
The same goes for dairy. Good stuff is out there,
and studies claiming negativity with dairy are
based on pasteurized dairy raised on GMO feed and pesticides.
That includes YES...the ***CHINA STUDY***

Raw, grass fed. You would be surprised.
The book "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration"
will very likely give you a fresh and unbiased look
on what humans need for thriving.
Like Daniel Vitalis said recently, there are four kingdoms
of food - fungi, plant, animal..and bacteria.
So, any group of people who claims that we must completely cut out
one kingdom should be viewed VERY critically.
Where is the long term research? Look towards the
indigenous cultures untouched by processed food.

Just because we want to be Raw Food Enthusiasts
doesnt mean that we have to do it 100% of the time.
There is just so much "All or None" mentality out there
and it just saddens me at its stark limitations. Really.

And I mean that on both sides of the aisle.

1. People that are really into raw may suffer because
they feel that they can't socialize with old friends and family
like they used to because they don't want to be forced to eat
certain foods and don't want to alienate others.
Their bodies might crave old stuff and they may struggle with
the idea of purity until it drives them off the deep end.

AND, on the other side of the limiting coin:

2. People that eat the standard diet don't even want to
get into raw because they feel it will be all they
get to eat ever again and they'll never ever get to enjoy
the old flavors and warmth of their old diet.

LIMITING. Makes me so sad.

Rant over. Check out the book.
You can read it free HERE.

and last...a comment of support from Christopher Sunshine

Hey Brother!
This is awesome.
You are a wonderful role model for sustainable living, raw radiance and the creation of paradise within and paradise on earth. I am wanting to work with the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota on creating gorgeous abundant food forests...sustainable gardens! You seem like a great person to connect with around learning this. I'll be more in touch. thanks brother. Dart told me about you...i work at the tree of life rejuvenation center here in AZ. love!


What is crazy is that I was this close to doing a permaculture course
this fall on that same reservation. If the Native Americans can
readopt the balance of nature and show the rest of the world
again how abundant and enjoyable life can be without raping the Earth,
maybe some more people will pay attention and follow suit.

Dart is the man...really showing us the endured youthful looks
that can be had by conscious eating and conscious living.

I REALLY want to get down to The Tree of Life.
My dream would be to take my dad down there.
I think he is getting gout in his knee and he just had
a bladder infection which of course was treated with antibiotics.
After that, his knee started swelling, so of course...steroids.

These doctors position themselves to be such authorities
on these matters, when really most of them just regurgitate
textbook info and then practically become employees of
Big Pharma. We need more and more conscious doctors!
Praise the Universe for sending us Gabriel Cousens,
Len Horowitz, Nick Gonzalez, and so many others.
Truth cannot be hid any longer.


Thats it folks...thanks always for reading.
Im going to work on some videos today and get ready
for two consultation calls tomorrow.
I recently purchased a Blue Snowball microphone
so I can record the consultations and email them afterwards.

More vids coming soon.