Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Animal Care Gala...Chocolate Love by Yours Truly

The stars have aligned, and I have found myself
supplying the raw cacao treats for this amazing
event. I have been making chocolate for the past
6 hours and my respect for Vanessa (Chocolate Girl
from Gnosis Chocolate) has SKYROCKETED.

A total labor of love though.
I am doing cacao-goji clusters,
coconut almond delights,
and cayenne, nibs, and bee pollen.

All shaped as hearts, stars, seashells. Fun stuff!

Come visit if you can!

And I might be interviewing with the people from
No Impact Man, but they want to come tomorrow and
interview me but I have three castings, a shoot, and
200 more chocolates to make. busy.

Send your good energy my way...its gladly accepted.