Monday, October 26, 2009

The Spicy Green MSM'er

This is not the tastiest drink in the world,
but when I consistently have a beverage like
this or something very similar to it,

I didnt know how hyper-cheesy I seemed until I watched
the video myself, and at that time it was too late to re-film,
so IT IS WHAT IT IS. Maybe Im getting too loose? Who knows?

Really consider stepping up the cayenne, vitamin c, green algaes
of your choice, and THE MSM. I get mine in bulk from
and spend about $8 a lb for MSM. Go with bulk and save!
Whole Foods is making WAAAAY too much on selling little
bottles of pills. Go with bulk and reap the benefits.

Enjoy...I made another one today so hopefully that will be up
tmrw or Wednesday. Its fun to film in this kitchen!
The light is great, and there is good energy in the place.

Ok...hope this vid is helpful! Thanks for watching!