Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just in Time for Flu Season?

I spotted this at my friend's apt
(who shall remain unnamed).

A sad splurge from his usual dietary pattern.

The fact that he even bought this stuff is humorous enough,
and then I noticed the label.

I had to bring it (the EMPTY box) home with me to photograph it.

I have since found more articles about this,
but since I stay away from the cereal isle
I remained totally uninformed till now.

They are hurting. Really. Desperate.
I actually feel sorry for them on a deeper level,
but many would just say that they are liars selling
poison to kids to actually keep them in poor health
and (don't forget!) inferior mental strength.

How many are still being fooled by this?
Would any parent who REALLY cared about health
and immunity be buying this stuff?

Human consciousness is evolving faster than ever,
and these companies are working harder than
ever to keep selling the "fodder" that has slowed it so much.