Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Back to Mexico!

Well...when your mind and body are fueled on Living Foods,
you tend to do everything BETTER than before.

When I was working in Mexico two weeks ago,
the hours were long, the clothes were VERY warm,
and because it was a commercial, it was many things over and over again.

BUT...I kept my mood elevated, and was grateful for
just being there and being able to work.
I gave them 100% all the way until 9pm,
and stayed cheery and helpful.

They must have noticed, because they are having me
back to do some more stuff on Thursday.
I am flying out early tomorrow morning
and will be back on Friday. A much quicker trip.

Keep feeling that gratitude...
I'm on the hunt for black sapotes again...can I bring
them back to the states??? Ah...I want to so bad.
You have no idea how insanely good and creamy they are.
No joking...the chocolate pudding fruit.
Seriously...you cant even make this stuff up!!!

AND...I am going to be speaking at Raw Spirit Fest in September!
I just sent over the contract yesterday so it might take a while for
everything to be put into their computers,
but they assured me that I have a spot on that Friday afternoon.

Its not a main stage talk, but a workshop that I'll be holding.
I hope to see you all there...it will be my first time at RSF.

I had a Brazil Nut Milk from Jubb's an hour ago.
Once you have tried theirs, its hard to have anything else like it.
Theirs is by far the best that Ive had.
Its such a good value too...the water they use is so good
and the milk is so smooth and silky. Highly recommended.

Alright, I have to be up at 530 tomorrow so its an early night.
Lots of progress happening with the Permaculture project too.
The excitement builds...

Eat your greens everyone.



Linda in the Raw said...

AWESOME about RSF!! I'll see you there!

Theresa said...

Mmm, black sapote, I know what you mean! The best part about it is that you can chill it almost indefinitely when it's green, and if you just leave it at room temp for a few days you have fresh, ripe sapote anytime!

Anonymous said...

Hello. Congradulations on the workshop opportunity. Greens have been on my mind lately. I don't have a dehydrator, a good juicer or a high powered blender so I am getting in my greens as much as I can. If anyone makes excuses about how they can not stay on a raw foods diet just tell them that I have done it and continue to manage and be creative without all the machinery.

There has to be a continueing desire to stick to the raw foods lifestyle. I am really happy that you're going to Mexico I hope you have a blast. Tell us if you find any new foods that you haven't tried.
Oh yeah and my co-workers think I'm weird for eating wild dandelion. I just think it's funny. Does broccoli count as a green?
Peace and love,


yardsnacker said...

Great energy! Agreed on doing everything better FOR SURE! GL in your Mex shoot.

Linda Salas said...

Hey Anthony, I´m glad Mexico is being nice to you, about the fruit, you probably can´t take it past customs back to the USA, maybe if you take the seeds out and vacuum pack it in ziplocks or freeze it so it will last you longer!! I think it´s just the seeds that can´t go through.

Eduardo and I just registered for the Raw Spirit Festival, we had such a great time last year! I´m happy to be able to meet you guys there! Yeeehaaaa! And hey have a good time in méxico city, if you ever come by Monterrey let us know!!

Courtney Pool said...

Your enthusiasm for wild food brings so much joy to my day :) Congrats on speaking at Raw Spirit, you can be sure I'll be in your audience!

prunus insititia said...

Please do keep us informed about your Permaculture Project. I'm actually quite excited for you!. There were a few things I was going to ask, but naturally, I forgot what the second I typed in "rawmodel.com". Anyway I'd love to hear more about how it's coming along.
Love you like a brother,

wyldegirl said...

chocolate pudding fruit. . . seriously???? um, can you bring me some too??

congrats on RSF. . . not sure i'm going to make it this year. . . but there are exploring the area plans in the works possibly. . . and so looking forward to hearing about the fruit trees - OH i'm kind of jonesing for that very rad notebook you had- where did you say you found it??
x Jenny

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Canistel yet? Also called eggfruit. Look for it in Mexico and report back. It is wacky and makes a perfect cheesecake and eggnog too.

Michelle J said...

Hey my friend!! How is mexico treating you? Miss you, lets get together when you are free! I'm craving Jubbs brazil nut milk! RSF news is awesome! I may be there!

Love ya

Anthony said...

Peggy and Curtis! Hey guys! I HAVE had Canistel before, but strangely enough i had it in Malaysia. I am positive it is the same fruit.

There are so many transplants between the carribean and SE Asia now. Soursop, Jackfruit, Canistel...hopefully Durian takes over in a big way. Where are our Puerto Ricans??? Start growing durians!