Monday, April 14, 2008

Detox Footpad HOAX!

So many synchronicities...

I was watching 20/20 the other day, and they did a piece on this new
"detox" product that absorbs toxins through your feet.
Its been getting a good deal of attention on the internet lately...these pads.

Well...20/20 did a REAL scientific test and found that the ads
were a complete joke and that the company was totally ripping people off.
Check out the article and watch the clip HERE.

So obvious...the real way to detox is through the colon or skin...
not some fad that claims to do it easily through your feet.
The video explains it all.

And then JUST NOW...I get Peter Ragnar's Newsletter.
And guess what he is selling now...

Now...either Peter is seriously misinformed,
or he is just trying to sell us something?
I am honestly really tiring of all this.

Could he be selling something else that really doesnt work?

Use your own judgment, of course.
I've presented all the information to you right here in this post.
We are all reasonable...use your judgment.

Posted below is the it carefully.

Looking out for you...


How Toxic Are You? Take This Test!

You may already know how powerful reflexology and foot massage can be. That’s because connections to all your vital organs are found on the bottoms of your feet. Stimulate those acupoints and you improve the health of those organs. Now, just imagine being able to directly suck accumulated poisons right out from your liver, kidneys, and other organs through the soles of your feet. I mean actually being able to see the nasty toxins being extracted!

"By applying these simple, easy-to-use detoxifying pads on your foot at night, you’ll be able to dramatically improve your health."

That’s right—no pills or strict diets needed to get the poisons out. When I first began using these detox pads, I was utterly shocked! The reason was that my diet has been near perfect for years. I workout every day, eat raw organic veggies right out of the garden, get plenty of rest and sleep, and live a low-stress lifestyle.

"So you can just imagine how shocked I was the first morning I removed the pads from my feet..."

There it was—the undeniable truth, visible to my very own eyes—yuck!

Well, I thought better on the outside than inside my body where the crap would turn into cancer or worse. Amazed, and so will you be the first time you try these detox pads. In fact, if for some reason you doubt how dangerous the poisons that were extracted from your feet are, you can always have the pads sent to be analyzed.

Nonetheless, you’ll be astounded at what comes out of your body with these simple pads.

These pads are a unique and powerful concoction blended to form a powerful detoxing product.

The Takara Patch formula is unique on the marketplace, with a time-tested blending of the following natural ingredients in their optimum ratios for maximum effectiveness. I've tested them all. Simply no other patch can compare!

There may be many detox patches on the market... but not all are created equal, utilizing the patented original Takara Detox Foot Patch formulation.

Naturally blended for the maximum effectiveness...
Containing absolutely no chemicals, synthetic ingredients, or additives! No potentially harmful or irritant ingredients (eg. sorbitol, glycolic acid)! Containing absolutely no fillers or unnecessary ingredients!

Additionally, the non-foil backing of the patches ensures the absolute purity, potency, and effectiveness of the ingredients; to maximize your cleansing experience.

Please, just see for yourself!
In luminous health,

Come on live in the woods and eat nothing but wild raw food.
You breathe clean air and drink clean water. You are obviously very clean.
Those pads you are using turn black with moisture...not toxins!
Learn more about a product before you start selling it to trusting fans.

I really liked Ragnar...heck, I even spent $50 on his wild food book.
(Only buy this book if you want to learn how he lives with wild foods,
this book will not help you at all with plant identification)
I'm kind of saddened by all of he in the same class
as all of those info-mercial people? Really??

Just telling it like it is.

In luminous truth...



Bella said...

Just another product taking advantage of the fact that people desperately want things to come easily, be it detoxing, personal evolution, financial gain, weight loss, etc. etc....

And I don't know what they did to that piece of gauze for the "after" photo shoot, but it seriously is giving me the dry heaves.

Thanks for sharing information Anthony (minus that gauze "after" photo) as ALWAYS!


Michelle J said...

Yes, my friend the truth will set us free!

Thanks for posting this!


Anonymous said...

if it sounds too good to be is. I've learned that the hard way many times; I'm just now getting it. I love the site; you can check out reviews of products before you buy.

don't be sad this funny baby instead!


raw by default said...

I would be concerned that, if there was any kind of nasty stuff in the pads themselves, that the toxins could go the other way. The 20/20 piece did find lead in a few of the pads they tested. If that's all they found, it was probably contamination from some other source... and not from the people's feet.

Apparently, if you rub garlic on the soles of your feet, you can smell it on your breath. Now, if your feet can draw stuff into them that easily, would you really want to be sticking possibly contaminated pads on them?

goingRAWr! said...

hi ant
i don't think those pads are real .. unfortunately there is a lot of crap out there preying on people's internal guilt about not looking after themselves properly.
however, you can detox via your feet too, as is taught in ayurveda and chinese medicine. and even in anastasia's books she talks about removing toxins and negative energies via your feet (sweat).
just try rubbing sesame oil on your feet before going to bed, it's great!
:) m

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yardsnacker said...

Those look like stanky ass pads. I just discovered some youtube videos where they put a slight charge in the water and it turns it black as you soak your feet. Eureka they cry! Toxins are removed! I think there is some benefit to placebo, perhaps giving our body a visual to heal itself and start some mysterious processes. Yet there is a lot of snake oil out there too, or what I like to call Stank Oil. Ah well. ;D

Kasia said...

I'm a bit surprised you criticize the pads so severely, Anthony. The company does make a mistake of stating that the black colour indicates the toxins and using it as the advertising point. But. Actually you can detox through your feet. Remember how Anastasia made Vladimir feet sweat? He got rid of the toxins in his body and felt much better afterwards.
The pads in contact with skin generate the heat and cause the feet to sweat. I don't know much about Takara, but I used Kenrico detox pads and, while they're obviously no miracle cure, I can honestly say that I felt a difference in the quality of my sleep and overall mood. Just my two cents. :)

BTW - I love your blog. Keep sharing your thoughts and experiences with us!

Hugh said...

Good on you for seeking truth. Often I feel that we all love our pursuit of health and knowledge so much that we would gloss over question marks because our quests make us happy.

You should always take a step back and look at your situation.

Anonymous said...

Anthony you are a very real, open and honest person from what I know. When I saw this foot pad thing I read the whole shpeal and thought that you were plugging this product. I am so relieved that you are not plugging this product. I would probably try this for the hell of it but with the knowledge I have regarding detoxification this kind seems pretty insignificant.

If someone is on a raw foods diet and they sweat every day and drink an adequate amount of filtered water then they can keep at least a large amount of toxins out.

I know most of us have toxins in our body but I am pretty sure they won't go away with a foot patch. If people are certain that they still need to get the toxins out of their body then they must do a series of cleanses. There are full body cleanses, liver cleanse, lymphatic cleanse, kidney and gallbladder cleanse and colon cleanse. I haven't done any of these yet but plan to do so in the future. These are mentioned in the Keven Tradeau book, Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About.

PS In the future no matter how much someone pays you please don't plug any wacky products that are obviously crazy. I'll always be fond of you anyways.

Charles said...

Remember what I told you at Pure when we were hanging out for Steven's bday? I don't like how he tries to hide his age from people. As much as I admire the guy, there's something about him rubs me the wrong way. And here's just more proof.

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Thanks for always looking out for your people, but I know your are reading the Anastasia books and I have some info. to share. In the 8 books there are several references to Anastasia healing Vladimir with her ray by forcing toxins out through his feet! She also specifies when planting seeds for healing to rinse your feet (not hands, face, arms, etc. but feet) before bed and to pour the water you used onto your seeds. This is so they can know what toxins are in your body and have this info. for your healing. I do not know anything about this product and it could totally be a scam, but we do release most toxins that exit our skin through our feet. Just think about how sweaty your socks get after a day of walking around but your pants and shirt, boxers :)~ etc. are dry. Just some food for thought. :)

XX Cassie in Cali

rawtexasgirl said...

Is Peter representing that the black stuff on the patch is what came out of HIS feet? The copyright on the images reads people who make the patch.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad someone is being GENUINE, and reporting things like this.

And this is why I find chemistry an important field. (Real chemistry, not lies or pharms.) Without it, I wouldn't know that those pads are soaked in Pyroligneous acid, which to you and me is "WOOD VINEGAR"! Of course they're going to smell or even look rancid.

I wish more people knew these things, instead of being duped and taken advantage of. So sad.

Anonymous said...

The dirty pads in the photo were most likely used by a homeless shoeless person.

Anonymous said...

I think alot of raw food authors, and people who try to make money in the great "raw food" business, aren't 100% raw foodists. Were not with them ever in their real life in most cases, so don't trust what everyone tells you, or trys to SELL TO YOU.

Anonymous said...

Peter Ragnar a 100% raw foodist? I don't buy it. His face looks like a peptic ulcer.

Anonymous said...

Peter Peter Peter tsk. tsk.
I hope you got a nice paycheck for plugging these things. I very much want to like him but just seem to find his ramblings bloated and full of fluff. There are nuggets of good info he shares but you really have to pick apart his writings to get to the real info. Too much self hype (ESP, Shamen wizard stuff) when confronted about it on an immortality forum he resorts to saying its all stupid magic tricks that he and wtf James Randii can do

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think that you might be a little wrong on this one Tony. I am not saying that it is completely a good way to detox but just like if you see a dog licking his/her foot, it means that the dog is allergic to something. Dogs sweat out of their feet as where else. We sweat out of other areas but it is usually to cool out body where as if you sweat out of your feet, it releases toxins.

Anthony said...

WATCH THE VIDEO. No toxins found! Jeez people...let it go. Why would a dog lick his foot and re-ingest the toxins he's supposed to be excreting? They probably lick their feet because....IT FEELS GOOD.

WATCH THE VIDEO...its all Im saying. Anyone selling these pads are tricksters.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony,

"Jeez people...let it go." Sorry i didnt let it go....i was just giving my opinion on the subject because I thought that there might be something with the dog thing. Should we just take what you say as fact and not try to think things through with some knowledge that we might have. I wasnt saying that it was true, i was just saying that " you might be a little wrong". You seem mad that people have some info to share that does not correlate to yours. You could be completely right...I have no idea, what I DO know is that when dogs lick their feet, it isnt because it "feels good". Dogs lick their feet because they have an allergic reaction. When you see your dog licking his/her feet it means that they are either allergic to something in their food or they have gotten into something that they are allergic to. A dog shouldnt be licking their feet unless to clean for a minute here and there under normal circumstances. The whole toxin thing with humans and their feet is something I have no idea about, I just took my knowledge about animals and applied it to humans and thought that there could be a correlation. CHILL OUT!

Anthony said...

Take it easy Anonymous. Im just saying to watch the video. I still dont think you did. Its not my opinion, Im just passing along the lab tests that says that no toxins were found.

I dont get mad :), you might be projecting a little bit. Im all for truth. Truth is the authority, always. I welcome all info humbly, but its clear that there was no toxins in the pads. Take it easy amigo...

Anthony said...

For all those who want to learn about why dogs lick their on.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you're mistaken in your judgment of Peter and his intentions. He tends to rub people the wrong way because he's not a purist - and everybody seems to want a religion nowadays. He finds things that work for him and shares them with friends that might be interested in the same results he's getting. As for the rest of you fast critics out there, I'd advise you to be a bit less harsh with the external criticisms and a little more focused on why something like this disturbs you so much. Never has this amazing gentleman made a claim that his "latest product" will be the cure-all for your particular problem; these are all pieces in the puzzle of radiant health, and that sunlit mountaintop is reserved only for those who are brave enough to stop throwing rocks from the safety of their caves and start doing. If there's anyone with that kind of courage reading this, you'll have shrugged of the rest of these small-minded comments far before you got to this one.

Anonymous said...

I dont mind if he is a purist or not. I just think its a bit disturbing that he is pushing a product that has been shown to be ineffective.

If he really wanted to bring change, he would come down from his fortress and start interacting with the world and bring some positivity. Instead, he does his newsletter which is just about selling (horribly overpriced)products. $50 for a book with print so large my grandma could read it without her glasses. He is ripping people off. Wake up.

Lucas said...

And by the way, watching 20/20 for scientific, unbiased studies on a product is like watching Fox News for unbiased political info. Seekers of truth, accept no substitutes! but believe all benign intentions spouted by the little black box on your entertainment center....

Anthony said...

Speaking of sound REALLY objective. You probably work for him. I have read his books and they are good (most of them) yet you know he is into selling WAY too much and just hiding out. Peter doesnt need detox pads with you licking his feet.


Lucas said...

Ha! Oh the evils of capitalism! Let no man carve a better destiny for himself, nor help others in the process! I can dere-lict my own balls, thank you very much, raw model. And if you had read and understood his books, you'd have never posted a comment like the one you just did! What a riot!

vikassinghania said...

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