Saturday, April 19, 2008

Permaculture Update

(courtesy of Growing Spaces)

Lots of big things finally going on.

The trees have shipped from Georgia.
They are sitting at my parents house in Minnesota
just waiting to be planted. I am going crazy thinking about it.

I ordered the 22ft Dome Greenhouse. It should be shipping
in about 2 weeks. I would highly recommend getting only
a dome greenhouse because it gives you the height to grow
fruit trees that otherwise wouldnt survive in a colder climate.

The trees that I have growing in the greenhouse will be:

Red Indian Guava
Hong Kong Guava
Italian Everbearing Fig
Meyers Lemon
Hachiya Persimmons
and I am sprouting Black Sapote seeds right now....

They are going to encircle a wood-heated cedar hot-tub
that will keep them warm and moist throughout the year.

I will drain the hot tub once a week and use the soak
water to feed the plants. Our bodies will be soaking
in that water so hopefully the water will deliver some
important information to the trees/plants as we water them.

Maybe it sounds like a joke, but read Anastasia and tell me what you think afterwards.

I have to have some brush cleared out for more fruit tree space
and all of that is supposed to take place next Thursday.

I really want to be there for it, but I am on hold
for some big jobs at the end of the week so I have to wait and see.

The first big projects will be enriching the soil with compost and worm castings,
planting the trees, setting up the greenhouse and building the vegetable beds.

All the grape vines and berries are shipped now as well.

If we can plant more fruit trees in our personal spaces
which will soon give us the best food for pretty much no cost,
we will be saving more money and will be able to use that for
self-improvement, travel, or any other projects.

This is one message that I really push: FOOD INDEPENDENCE.
In reality, money is paper. FOOD IS REAL.

If you produce or pick your own food, you empower yourself
beyond belief. You elevate yourself to a level of freedom few can enjoy.
And the more you develop it, the more freedom you have and the
more time you will have to become what you were meant to be.

We should likely know that LIVING food is the best food we
could be eating in order to gain our super powers back.
But the question then becomes...what are the best?

Homegrown and Wild. Try your best to make it happen.
Lets all go beyond organic if we can.

We have all made it so far...and we've just begun.

Spring is here...keep planting EVERYWHERE.



Alexandra said...

I love hearing about your permaculture updates. Check out the front cover story in the Economist today, "The Silent Tsunami - Food prices are causing misery and strife around the world. Radical solutions are needed".

People here in North America need to get self sufficient. If you cant grow then put food away....things are already getting prepared so you can get out of fear mode and take care of those you love.

And if you think the government is going to take care of you...then watch zeitgeist.

link to article:

p.s. oil has hit an all time high $116 / barrel....just to give some perspective it was around $20 / barrel around 9-11.

thanks anthony for spreading the good word and inspiring by taking action....remember, this too will pass

in love and light

Michelle J said...

Anthony, you so totally ROCK! I can't explain the feeling i get reading about your permaculture project! It really resonates with me, but living in the city i find it hard but i'm doing the best i can to eat as much from the earth as possible!!! I'm loving it so! Thanks dude for all your help and advice! Made a big difference in how i am eating today!!!

Love ya

kate said...

Incredibly excited for you... i hope it all goes SO well

Dan Halsey said...

Hi from Minnesota,

Nice to hear you are balancing the populist and minimalist sides of your life. After 20 years in the advertising photography business the new thinking from Permaculture influences everything I do and everyone I work with.

Our Permaculture "farm" is in Prior Lake.

Take care. Catch and Store


Lisa said...

Hi Anthony,
I'm really intrigued by your project--and I enjoyed checking outt he Willis Orcahrds website--one question though--does it matter that the plants that they're sending you are not organic? I'm guessing it is just good enough to rasie them organically once you get them? Maybe you can shed a little light on this for me, as I am planning to buy a greenhouse within the next month. Thanks so much!! -Lisa

Anthony said...

hi lisa...I talked to the Willis Orchards people and they dont spray their trees. They even use beneficial fungi to help with the growth. I think also that if you get a plant that was previously grown unorganic, if you start feeding it organically and pure, it will change. Just like humans...I mean, two weeks of pure organic food really changed me, and I was far from it beforehand. I think the trees would make a comeback, especially after months and years.

Good question for sure.


Maria said...

I have just recently discovered the wonders of raw food (99% raw for two weeks and going strong!), and it has been a joy reading your blog. I want to thank you for sharing so much with the online community - I have learned many things from your archived posts and your humble, joyful writing style has me hooked. I just wanted to drop you a line and say that you are a great inspiration to me. Keep doing what you do best!

Binner said...

Hi Anthony!
Greetings from another Minnesotan! It's been great reading about your farm back 'home' and I thank you for letting us all be a part of it. I am planning my garden now, it'll be small, but great! I"m in Duluth, so I'm going to save for a much needed greenhouse! As Michelle already said, "you Rock Anthony"!

goingRAWr! said...

ahhh too exciting! congrats ant.. it's gonna be fabulous i'm sure :) xo m

juineve said...

Ah not that you need the pos feedback, but so glad it is coming all together :). We just got the soil needed to start our urban garden (I live in Boston). I started the cukes, tomatoes, kale, etc. weeks ago, they can't wait to get into the soil... Though I need to get my hands on a lot of compost. I live in a former industrial area and the soil is loaded with lead... Supposedly it isn't too bad where I am, but egads.
The compost keeps the plants from absorbing the lead.

Linda in the Raw said...

AWESOME!! Can't wait for things to really get going!


Aimee said...

I linked to your site from another raw website. I am thrilled to see your interest in permaculture! Our family farms and reaises fruiting shrubs organically, and I am also trying to focus on raw local foods. Your homesite plan looks lovely. Do you have your yurt yet? If you're interested, our website is (here's a lot of information on the site, even if you already have your berry plants.). I can't wait to hear about your progress.

Bueller said...

I'm all for it Anthony!! You lead and people will follow!!

Much love

chasmyn said...

Oh, thank you so much for the geodesic greenhouse with hottub idea! I never thought of that and it is brilliant! I've always wanted a homestead, but since reading Anastasia I've been dreaming of a Kin's Domain and we've been looking for our spot ever since. We cannot decide whether to take it back to the midwest where we're from or to find someplace here on the west coast (WA or OR).

Anyway, I'm totally going to borrow this idea for our spot, because I've been wondering how I'll keep raw while also being a locavore. Brilliant!

I guess I'll also be reading your blog from now on, too :)