Saturday, April 26, 2008

Eating Raw at Vegetarian Restaurants

Dawn and I have been going to Quintessence quite a bit lately.
I dont think Ive ever been a "regular" at a restaurant before.

I do think that we are getting more kamut bread with the
Fofu Moroccan Platter than before thats totally good.

Anyways...we were looking for some more variety.
We have been to all the raw restaurants in NY,
and most are great, but we were missing the
vibrant scene of a youthful restaurant.

Just a note...when I was single..I NEVER went out.
I felt like I could make it better anyways and I didnt have
anyone go out with, so that summed it up.
Plus, I was saving up to buy property and fruit trees,
so it kept me pretty tight in the wallet area.

Im really digressing here, so let me get back to the point.
I knew that a popular organic place nearby in the East Village
called "Counter" had raw dishes. I checked the menu and saw that they
had one raw option for each course. So I surprised her and took her
somewhere new. It was great to be eating out somewhere different finally.

And the food? AMAZING! They had such good raw stuff
and the prices were REALLY fair.

Here is what we had...

The "Caprese". A Macadamia Nut cheese layered with basil and tomato.
WONDERFUL. Same texture as buffala mozzarella that I had in Rome.

So nice to have new dishes...

This was the "Vegetable Terrine". Holy amazing.
Same flavors as the lasagne, but with a new twist.
We totally loved this.

And how thoughtful...they included a SALAD with the ENTREE. *Hint Hint*
What does it cost to add a little side salad? 25 cents?
Its the little things that really add up...remember that.

And for dessert we had this Macadamia Macaroon Tarte
floating in rose-lime water. UNREAL. Cost? $9!!!!

This was some of the best raw organic vegan food we've had.

Here is the point about this whole post.
Many vegetarian places arent hip to raw yet.
EDUCATE THEM. Inform them that raw dishes will
bring in more customers and will still be loved by the current
vegetarian customers (and maybe more). Its a total win-win for them.

Let them know that you and many of your friends
are looking for vegan places to eat at, but cant because
most restaurant owners insist on cooking everything still.

Its up to us to bring more raw food into our lives.

Dawn mentioned to me that as raw foodists, we (me and her)
probably live in the best neighborhood in the entire world
for going out to eat and having raw food.
We are here in the East Village of NYC and there are
6...yes 6 raw food or raw friendly restaurants within
a ten minute walk. Thats ridiculous. Its too easy.

I have been taking this for granted. It must be so horrible
to feel stuck at home all the time, when you just want to go out to eat with someone.
Going out to eat with loved ones is such a cornerstone of social activity, right?
I was always alone before so it didnt matter, and now I see the challenge
that people go through. It has to be very difficult.

If there are vegetarian places near you, and you are sick
of salads, see what you can do to get the management educated
about the potentials of raw vegan dishes. Show them some cookbooks
and give them some websites. If they see the $$$$....they will act.

Be the catalyst for change...if not you, who?



Lauren said...

I love your posts.

Can you post a pic of dawn or you guys together? I feel like I know you so well and I want to see this cute couple that I imagine!


Anonymous said...

Have you tried ReBoot? It might be a bad time to tell you about it, since it may have closed (temporarily), but the chef there is very talented. The restaurant is all vegan except for the cheese pizzas, and the chef is focusing more on live dishes now that it's spring. He is actually most excited about preparing raw dishes. I had the best raw lasagna there. And a leek-mushroom-walnut butter that you just wanted to eat straight up with a spoon.

The place is where the original Two Boots was, 37 Ave. A (Between 2nd and 3rd). And conveniently located around the corner is High Vibe, the raw foods store with the most competitive prices on almost everything they sell.

You're right on about the neighborhood-- they should nickname it Raw Village.

Anonymous said...

o my goodness.


I'll have to try that out when i am in the city next! was it expensive?


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...yes, it kind of becomes a matter of not letting food rule your life. 30-40 years ago (really not that long ago), people rarely ate at was considered a luxury. Now, 'cooking' at home is a rarity, which is sad.

Why is it that we must go out to eat in order to socialize and maintain relationships? My mom tells me stories that when she was young, they would just go to a relative's home uninvited for dinner, and there would always be enough food for guests. This was common and accepted then.

I just feel like I need to be removed from eating out for a long time. Where to draw the line is difficult.


LolaBloom said...

Great post. My struggle with my raw transformation has centered around social situations and the dreaded "protein" comments/questions. So far, I've only just recently heard of 2 raw-friendly restaurants in the Seattle area... will have to check them out, definitely envious of you getting to be near so many...and in my hometown no less. I miss New York!! Hugs

goingRAWr! said...

dude, congrats on everything and sending good plant growing sun shining vibes to your place in minnesota! let the space of love begin! can't wait to see what you're doing with the place.

Anonymous said...

I wish i had at least only one restaurant in my country, i don't know not even one. I live in the Algarve (Portugal - Europe),i'm not raw, i've just increased my vegetable, green smoothies, fruits in my diet, but i'm getting there. The only information i have from raw comes from english/american blogs(and 1 or 2 brazilian). Thanks god i can speak/read english. Good luck for your Minnesota adventure...

Penni said...

Hey Anthony....that meal at Counter sounds and looks fantastic! You and Dawn are so fortunate to have that many raw and organic options surrounding you, but you're right...we all need to go out and be that ambassador of change in our own areas. And I agree w/ a pic of you Dawn. You are both awesome!


ajax617 said...

Hey man, I was wondering what products you use for toothpaste, moisturizer, facial wash, etc. I just haven't really heard any raw foodists talk about what they use for these. Please post back here.