Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Soursop in NYC

What can I say? I made it happen.
I don't want to incriminate myself with border patrol,
so I wont say much more.

The soursop is safe with me now in NYC.
And I swear that I did not hide it in any body cavity. OUCH!!!

To be able to enjoy the sweet & sour cotton candy flavor
in NYC is such a rare treat.

However...the funniest thing is that while walking
through Chinatown today, I saw a vendor selling soursops!
(Bowery and Grand....if you are interested)

BUT...she was selling them for $6 a lb! I bought mine
for $1.00 a lb! That soursop on the video would
have been 18 dollars in NY! Good grief!

Grow your own..I always say.
Just think about the value of rare organic fruits grown
in your own space with love and lots of minerals.

If you cant grow your own, get them back to the states
in any way possible, and dont forget to smile at the customs officer.

Disclaimer: For entertainment purposes only...this is all a big lie.
I am a good law-abiding citizen that would never dream of breaking
any kind of rule set forth by the almighty US govt.




Anonymous said...

I was anticipating you bringing soursop to the states. I really have to check the Asian Market to see if they have it. I wanted to give you a phone call but figure that you are really busy. The David Wolfe event was awesome!!! I met Daniel Vitalis alchemist extroadinaire. I had a shot of his powerful elixer. I've had almost three bars of Gnosis chocolate in two days.

I brought a Durian to the event. The Durian was so incredibly ripe. The reason I even tried Durian was because of your Utube video. And because of your other Utube video I now know how to properly open one. I met two young girls and a woman who were all from Massachusetts; They were dying to try it. The woman said she looked everywhere and couldn't find one.

I performed and impromtu demonstration. I showed them how to find a Durian at the store. I told them that if it's frozen that it takes at least a day or two to thaw out. The Durian that I brought was so ready to be eaten that the pillow was poking out of the seam. All three cautiously tried a small bite. The woman was in exsasty! All three of them loved it! Low and behold someone shouted. "Are you eating Durian?" And I said yes and I told the others that they could have some. I think about five of them ran to have some Durian. A young girl that was promoting David Wolfe's products gave some to David Wolfe. He knew right off the bat that it was frozen because he grows them himself.

I really wish you could've come to the event. I hope I see you soon. I enjoyed your newest video and you seemed really refreshed and happy. You have been traveling so much that I figured you probably needed a respite.

I think about your permaculture project and I would love to help out.

with love,
beki - usually Rebeka

VegantoRAW said...

Well done Anthony!

raw by default said...

I'm intrigued by that fruit. However, I'm a little concerned about introducing invasive species (or diseases or fungi). How do you avoid doing that, especially when the fruit is organic?

Michelle J said...

Hey Anthony, you know i was thinking of asking you this: will you or do you need help with your project? I'd love to if you can use some help with whatever!! You helped me so much these past few months so i'm ready!! :O)

tash said...

You have a wonderfully healthy sense of humour, Anthony.

:0) :-p

Namaste. Peace.

Carmen said...

I am soooo jealous! I grew up eating guanabana in DR and I haven't had it in years. The ones you have look so good. I can't wait so swim in my own soursopy mess. I am so glad that you are enjoying them so much. Oh, someday my Guanabana will come riding in a great white horse to cure my soursop defficiency.
Thanks again for sharing!

Bella said...

I am off to start writing my new screenplay... a suspense crime-thriller: the story of an innocent, well-intentioned, law-abiding citizen who loses himself on one ill-fated Mexican border crossing and in a moment of RAW passion becomes.... "The Soursop Smuggler".


P.S. You'd be great for the lead role.

goingRAWr! said...

dude, i love how you call them soursops. when i lived in malaysia it was always called the custard apple (well, in my house). we get those here in taiwan too but unfortunately they are not locally grown. the town i live in in taiwan has super expensive fruit which is usually grown in the south or imported! what a pain. i had to resort to imported thai durians the other night (and i won't tell you how much they cost)!
i am dying to try sapote though.. have you tried yam beans with lime and cayenne? do it man.. :)
hope all is wonderful and full of light!
talk soon i hope

holiday at sea said...

oh my god, GUANABANA!! that's what i know it as...it is my favorite costa rican delicacy, but i've never seen it in the states!!!! amazing, so so so amazing. i hope you enjoyed it!

Jennifer said...

guanabana, soursop, sweetsop, cherimoya, custard apple...i got a bunch of organic ones sitting in my freezer and on my kitchen table, ripening. just ate 2 of them for breakfast this morning! ^_^

Nicky said...

I'm new to this site and you're doing a wonderful job. Looks like the diet is working for you to meet your goals in staying on top of your game in the fashion industry.

Thank you for sharing your discovery of exotic fruit and simple ideas for a successful raw lifestyle. I enjoy your enthusiasm. I too travel a lot, mainly in the U.S., therefore I try to keep my meals simple. All of your treats sound delicious.

Currently I'm living in Las Vegas. I remember a meet up group getting their hands on Durian out here. I must scour this town to find out what other exotic treats are available. Please respond if you have any ideas.

Also your project in Minnesota sounds interesting. I'll have to check it out.


McColl&Clan said...

anthony, can you still get Gaunabana in Chinatown?
my dad is an amazon indian..and so weird, lately he has been talking about wanting to find guanabana. I had overlooked this video and decided to watch it. thank goodness i did!

so, guanabana also grows in the amazon. ^__^

i'd love to get my hands on some..for myself and as a lovely treat for my dad.

thanks mucho.