Wednesday, April 9, 2008

More Monsanto Stuff...and Planning Ahead

By Melvyn Calderon/Greenpeace HO/A.P. Images.

I've been hanging out in my hotel room catching up
on some online articles that Ive been meaning to read.

One was the excellent article in Vanity Fair's recent issue
about the corporation called Monsanto.

I beg you all to read it. I will probably take about 20 min.

Its basically the same as the movie, but Vanity Fair does
a really in-depth job of writing about this issue.

I don't want to be one that always focuses on negative stuff.
I think by now most of you would know that I am about positivity.
But we must be informed about this company.

The more we know, the more info we will have to make
sound decisions to take care of ourselves, our family,
and our communities in the future.

On a related note somehow...

Some people who are lucky enough to actually have some savings
are always asking others what they should do with it.
Most brokers (SALESPEOPLE) will tell you to invest in stocks,
bonds, and other paper assets. Why? Well...they get a commission.

"Wall St is the only place where someone who drives a Rolls Royce
will take advice from someone who takes the subway." - Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Here is a tip from someone (me) who has nothing to gain from you:
Start taking control of your food SUPPLY.
You dont know who will try to take control of it in the future.
Well...maybe after reading the above article, you will.

We have to think now and start planning.
And the best part is that you have the freshest
fruits and vegetables grown with love and not with chemicals,
and you are protected from companies that want to turn your
food into some kind of ugly science experiment. produce shipped 2000 miles from home isnt exactly fresh.
Lets always think about LIFE-FORCE.
Look into getting a greenhouse, too.
Year round produce...the freshest ever.

Remember...EAT the freshest,
LOOK the freshest,
FEEL the freshest,

Knowledge is power. Start planning to create your Space of Love.
Its the absolute best thing you could do with any extra money,
and land is still relatively cheap 2 hrs away from major cities.
You'd be surprised. 2 acres is all you need.

You can kind of see how it matches
up with the grape-arbor entrance.
I'll have to clear a little land, but most of it is ready.
As many of you know, this has been in the works for 3 years.
Start planning now.

And of course...

I'm sitting in my hotel room eating the biggest Black Sapote
I have ever seen in my life.

Lots of seeds too...hmmm....what to do with them?



Mullmania said...

Fashion model by day.

Raw food role model by night.

Keep up the great work.

Anthony said...

Thanks :)

Your are making me blush :P

Anonymous said...

Anthony-I have been following Monsanto for years. Everytime I had to give a presentation in speech class it was about organic and GMO (and the hidden lawsuits against Monsanto). I was shocked to read in Business Week at the beginning of the year that they now control 7% of all the farm land in the world. They are bigger than ever!!! Stock is soaring. Sad part is once you go GMO there is no going back....ever... to organic. Also, the organic law has been changed to include synthetic items in production without them being listed. They are trying to appeal the law. It was put in by General Mills and other lobbiests (spelling???)in Washington with large amounts of money. I do agree with you about the land. I told my sister, that I will make everything from scratch. I live in California and they were going to stop selling raw organic cheese, cream and milk in this state. We screamed they stopped. The animals on the farm are treated so kind and all have names. (You can take a tour and visit them!!) This farm also has almonds that have not been treated with chemicals.
They have them unprocessed straight from the farmer. I love California, we scream, we fight and sometimes we win. Even though I do not eat animal products, some do eat them raw. They still have that right you know. So, do the best you can and love life.

yardsnacker said...

That's so awesome! Forget pudding pops right? :D
Agreed completely on Monsanto. I'll keep it positive too. It's very difficult to. Also the trade commission Codex Alimentarius is something that we raw foodists need to start watching out for as well, and getting involved in. Take care and

goingRAWr! said...

just found out that one of my best mates is in mexico right now! works for bosch, never thought they'd send him there.
hope you're having an awesome time with those hot lookin' sapotes!

Anonymous said...

Hello. Exotic fruits such as Durian and some others that you have mentioned in the past are in demand. I imagine as oil prices go up then the price of these exotic fruits shipped to the U.S. will go up too. What if it's possible to just grow some of these exotic fruits in places like Florida and Southern California? That way there isn't such a reliance on importing these exotic fruits. I wonder about this.


Rebekah said...

I love your ideas....Thank you for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Monsanto...Anthony, knowledge is power. God (nature, the universe, whatever you believe) is in charge! I have followed their (Monsanto's) story for years. The bugs and plants have outsmarted the chemicals that Monsanto put out and have built resistant against all of them. They just go on. You see, Monsanto does things on greed (negative) and ego (negative) and nature works on energy of abundance and love fed by the sun. Why do you think we feel so great when we eat our fresh food? I used to get upset, but now I take the knowledge and make better choices. No grocery shopping for me, only organic farmer's markets and someday, land like you.

I always say "become the change you want to see!" I have and my family has, in small ways, changed from the DRAMATIC change in me.

Love you!!!

Rebekah said...

So, I just went back and read that article. Wow- mindblowing! They sure do go to great lengths to sell a product, stop a competitor and cover up lies. Good thing I dont drink milk...dang!
Also, is there any way to know if you are eating a fruit or vegetable from a G.M. seed?


raw by default said...

Along the same lines, I saw a documentary a couple of weeks ago that was very interesting. It was about our food supply and the dangers it faces from corporations. It was called Hijacked Future. It was produced by a Canadian company, so I don't know if it's been shown in the States at all, but if you do have access to it, I think it's worth watching.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! I think your Minnesota project is really interesting and inspiring. I can't help myself for asking for a ball park figure on what something like that would cost! I hope I don't sound tacky, but it would be nice to have an idea how attainable this lifestyle is.
Keep up the good posts!