Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Snapshot of the Daily Diet

I've been not-so-good about updating people about
what I've been having for FOOD lately.
This is supposed to be about food I suppose...

So what did I eat today...

3 oranges for breakfast...WITH SEEDS.
Avoid Seedless...these are hybrids that can't reproduce.
Not exactly natural...right? Seedless anything is no good.

Made a big brazil nut milk and dumped 2 tbls of Bee pollen into the middle.
Looked like an over-easy egg. NOW we are getting GOOD protein.

Some "raw-foodists" are into eating eggs and meat raw.
This is probably a part of the ancient diet, but I would like
to believe that we have better options now than eating raw flesh.
Dont confuse "raw" with this. Most of the time "raw" means LIVE plants,
but there is a small minority that still likes to gnaw on DEAD carcasses.
It might be RAW, but its not ALIVE. "Raw" usually means Raw Vegan.

I'm not going to judge...Im not going to judge...to each their own.

Still...want to slurp down a nice raw unfertilized chicken embryo? Hmmm...

Ill have the bee pollen and hemp seed. Thanks.

Speaking of Hemp Seed....
I did one apple, cut in slices and eaten with hemp butter
and honey with some cacao powder mixed in. An easy and super
nutritious snack. Don't over-do that one though...too many apples
with nuts and seeds can mix poorly and cause some...AIR.

Later on we made this wonderful salad. Everything was DICED.
Red Bell Pepper
Mature Coconut Meat

with a dressing of honey and lime juice.
Took a while to dice everything, but it was so good.
This is my favorite thing to do with the mature ORGANIC coconuts.

Then around 8pm, we made a massive juice.
I call it the tear-jeaker. The one not-so-enjoyable thing I consume
is my heavy (bitter) green juice. Its over quick though, and its a mighty chlorophyll
explosion...so everyone is happy. Especially my cells.

Here is the tear-jeaker. Listen up Juice-feasters.

4 BLACK Radishes. BLACK. SPICY. Full of the beauty mineral called Sulfur.
2 bunches of Collard Greens.
3 Lemons.
1 Cucumber
4 ribs of Celery
1/8 lb of Ginger

Now...I never said this was enjoyable. But that is the lovely
thing about juicing...it can be quick and then you can get on
with the rest of your day. I like to have this as my dinner,
because for some strange reason...Im not too hungry afterwards.
Go figure...right?

Everything else I consume tastes SOOOO good and I love it all.
But my juicing is a labor of love.

Britanie of Raw Faith
asked me if I blend my juices or just juice them.
That pic of me with the 64 oz of green liquid is all "Juiced" juice,
except for some wild greens that I blended in at the end.
They are too valuable to me to be juiced up...so I get all of the
magic in with the vita-mix. That 64oz was probably the
most green juice Ive drank EVER in one sitting. I had
a bunch of greens on hand and had to make due.

The amount of greens I get in, in my experience,
is very congruent to how alert and how GOOD I feel.

Its really about finding out how you can get 2lbs of greens
into your system every day without going crazy. If you can
figure that out and do it consistently, you will very likely
know what I am talking about.

Ok...thats it. Finished the day up with a big juice.
Try to keep it light in the evenings and wake up with tons more energy.
Lots of good stuff throughout the day.
Started off with oranges (FRUIT)...remember that one.

Big Raw Spirit Fest news coming up too...



Breanna said...

haha... AIR.

I have never even seen black radishes. I'll have to look for them soon.

Katy said...

I love your site! My sister's friend (also vegan like I am) recommended I look at it.

goingRAWr! said...

wow ant, i'm really feelin' ya about the greens. i need to get more in as well! been eyeing off the rampant bitter greens growing around my apartment but the rubbish and nearby pesticide ridden farms and dog poo and .. sewage.. have put me off even trying those lovely dandelion greens looking at me. gotta find some organic farms already!
glad to see all is going brilliantly with you, your blog entries are really inspiring me to get a move on with my plans, you must be so excited about the farm!!
met up with a raw vegan californian living in taiwan this weekend and we had a blast (tho admittedly not much raw food.. except fresh green sugarcane juice, beautiful pink guavas and lots of tropical fruit). we did a master cleanse together and that was fabulous!
peace and sunshine

Michelle J said...

Hey dude, excellent eating! I've been reading so much about fruit = not so good??? Whats up with that? Or is that if your immune compromised? I do not know???

I like that brazil nut milk with bee pollen!! Looks great!

Anonymous said...

Hello. These postings are definately congruent to what I've been thinking for the past week. It is sad that a woman died from ingesting foxglove and I was anticipating your post regarding the concern of poisonous plants.

There are two things that I've learned. Planting and/or foraging for wild foods is a skill to ascertain. Beyond that it feels like a meditation and a deep rooted connection to nature. People talk about how about the connectedness of farming or gardening. I think wild foods reinforces within us this wisdom that a natural benevolent force is on our side. I wonder if farming is counter intuitive because in a way we are all somewhat responsible for finding our own food.

Secondly, I feel like my mind is connected to what my body needs. My health and wellbeing are paramount. Taste, nutrition and wellness are begining to merge alltogether.


mamacita said...

Love your Blog ! I'm learning so much... Thanks

Raw Faith said...

Thanks for the mention about your Green Juices! I'm on the search right now for some yummy green juices and smoothies that don't have fruit in them.... and I hope to get to 64oz! I'm only at 32 a day so far.

"Still...want to slurp down a nice raw unfertilized chicken embryo?"

ahhhhhhhh lol now I feel horrible because I've had to add back some eggs into my diet since cutting out fruits, seeds, nuts and most raw fats. without having fruit or nuts, it's hard to manage on a 100% raw diet, so I find that adding little things like egg whites and organic wild fish once and awhile is a huge help. I plan to go back to vegan once I get my health under control... because I agree with what you said completely and I wish there was a way I could get around not eating anything animal related.... BUT, I'll get there :-)

- Britanie

mandy said...

just one little apple in that mix could make that juice much tastier... i know you're not into juicing fruit, just saying... one little apple can't hurt...

Anonymous said...

Hi! I love reading your blog and have learned a ton from it (food and otherwise). Thank you! I have heard that drinking green juice in large quantities all at once is not particularly useful as we can only absorb approximately 4 oz. of juice at a time. What are your thoughts on this? -Julia

Penni said...

You are getting hard core on the green juice, Bro...and I love it! I saw some black radishes at WF's yesterday....I am going to back and get them today. Consider me inspired! I heart the Raw Model!!

Anonymous said...

Anthony-According to my biology teacher in college, a bee is an animal. I asked her about it and she said it is.

Ah well, what next....

Anthony said...

I dont eat bees ANONYMOUS...I team up with them and have some of their honey. I dont eat them.

Call me a raw beegan.

Honey is the most enzymatically rich food on the planet, and is the most natural sweetener humans have evolved on. END OF STORY. I still do agave, but usually only for some recipes. Vegans can hold onto their honey abstinence like a badge of honor, but most of their diets are horribly unnatural.

Nikki said...

I love your blog and your food sounds sooooo gooooood!!!