Friday, April 4, 2008 1

We've been drinking massive chlorophyll bombs lately,

I did 64 oz today of kale, romaine, radish, celery, and cucumber.
If I drink juice, I drink vegetable juices, especially green leafy vegetables.

In my opinion...and I could be wrong, I feel that fruits should be eaten.

Anyways, lets touch on gratitude.

If I ever do any kind of mediation, its mainly focused on feeling
grateful for all the good things in my life.

When you think about it, we are so lucky to be where we are.
Its really laughable.
Just to be able to read and see and write and talk.
Watch "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" and ask yourself if you
REALLY have any problems you should be feeling bad about.

We have access to the best information, food, and people on the planet.
And yet, most of us will feel crappy about our job, or some negative
friends or family members in our life. Those thoughts can really drag us down.
Crazy humans...always thinking about the bad stuff in life.

So as an exercise...lay in bed, and think about all the GOODS.
The GOOD people...The GOOD food you eat...THE GOOD things you do.
Truly let the feelings of gratitude wash over your body.

You have to FEEL it...not just say it.

Think of the Universe as a wise old grandmother.
Now...she has two twin grandchildren. One a boy, one a girl.
She gives them both a gift for their birthday.

The boy says, "Thanks grandma...real nice..."
The little girl says, "Oh Grandma...I LOVE it! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!"

Now...when the next birthday comes around...
will the grandma be more excited to give to the boy or the girl?

And its not all about receiving of course...but you get the point.

The Universe (or WHATEVER you want to name it depending
on what your parents taught you) will give you all the good stuff
when you are genuinely grateful for the good stuff you already have.

Trust me...I know this for a fact. Ive tried it and it does make a difference.
You entire daily existence completely changes when you are consciously
grateful for all the beautiful things in your life. Focus on the positives.

Part 2 to come later today...a good comment from a reader.
It made me so grateful to be able to spread some ideas around.



Raw Faith said...

GREAT post Anthony,
I really needed to read something like this today and it really helped to bring my spirits up, so thank you for that :-)

is that all greens in the photo of you with the vitamix?? I'm avoiding fruits right now and am trying to find some good smoothie and juice combos that dont call for fruit (besides lemons & limes)... any good suggestions??

I'll have to give the Kale/Romaine/Radish/Celery/Cucumber mix a try... do you juice it or blend it??

- Britanie

Anne said...

Hi Anthony. Love your blog!! I do have a question though. You wrote in an earlier post that you bought seeds from mountainroseherbs but the only thing I could find was the herbs themselves. Are there seeds in the mix? I know its a stupid question but I would really like something to re-wild Copenhagen with
Respect Anne

wyldegirl said...

Exactly. and while we're expressing gratitude- I'm grateful that we've connected in this lifetime.
;) Jenny

yardsnacker said...

It is a gentle philosphy to take time to appreciate all the good things in our lives. I must counter with the reality of this sphere we live on, the reality being that there are some really unfortunate things that happen to us, and people in general. My bro-in-law's sister's child with a set of conjoined twins with a working seven chambered heart. 1.5 million dead people in Iraq. Yet it has been said that to every challenge, lies the solution to an even greater reward. If we will only look. Can we look for the good in our lives when we are barraged by so many challenges? I don't know the answer, I merely pose it for thoughts sake. I believe we need to balance and really look at the negative things in our lives and be estatically grateful for those things as well.

Take care


Matt said...

Even though I haven't had a chance to meet many people in person, I am so grateful to be able to tap into the online world for inspiration and a sense of community.

Your blog is a part of the reason I am on the path I am today.

Thank you for it...

Anonymous said...

I have had 7 years, when some had none. I had a brain bleed that left my left side completely gone in less that 20 miunutes. In the hospital, they couldn't help and waited for me to die. Brain damage and all I went to the other side and they gave me a choice. Come or stay..I stayed...(the other side is not what everyone thinks, it is so much more!) Every day is a gift. Remember that everyone. It can be over in a split second. Embrace you. Not the roll you play son, mother, daughter but the true you, a beautiful creation of the universe. All unique and made to perfection. I walk, talk (too much according to my family, but hey, raw food heals!) every minute of this life, no matter what. We are all miracles!
Grateful to be alive and most important, eat RAW SWEETS whenever I can.


Michelle J said...

Hey my friend! Funny, i was just reading Anastasia book 2 and she says "It would be fine if a lot of people could wake up in the morning at a set time six o' clock say - and think about something good. What specifically they think about is not important. It is important that they come out with bright thoughts".

Then i come here and read your blog! It's as if we are on the exact same wavelength dude! I'm grateful for a lot of things and try to be positive all the time! It's hard sometimes...but it reaps such rewards!!!


Raw Bliss said...

You are so sweet. <3

I like to think about all the goods in my life and OTHERS too! It makes me happy when others share the good in their lives as well. :)

And I'm with Jenny. I'm glad that I am able to read your thoughts and that you share them! You're just sucha huge source of inspirational thinking and ideas. I really appreciate you!


kate said...

we all have so much to be grateful for - even to be in a position to read & appreciate this is an huge blessing...
Thank you for continually waking us up to so much that is good in the world.

Ali said...

Anthony -- I just watched The Diving Bell and the Butterfly this past weekend, and agree that it was amazing. It threw everything back into perspective for me, esp. about how much I have, and how much I am grateful for -- and also, how much there is to be grateful for at every given moment.