Friday, April 18, 2008

Love in the Desert Smoothie

A new smoothie I thought up very recently.

Maybe someone has done this one before...

It wouldnt surprise me at all because it makes so much sense
and its tastes so amazing...this cant be the first.

Here it is.

Aloe Vera...a wonderful beauty food.
Be sure to rub the excess all over your body...seriously.

Prickly Pear Cactus Fruit, otherwise known as Indian Figs.
Known to treat type 2 diabetes, and they simply taste wonderful
along with the spectacular color they provide.

Try and get in different colors into your diet.
Especially purples and pinks and reds and blues.
And of course green...but we figured that one out already.

And then to round it out...Agave. Totally optional of course,
but you may want to sweeten it up a bit.

Or try some kind of desert honey if agave isnt your thing right now.

Its fun to make smoothies that come from the same bio-region.
Everything coming from the desert or the Mediterranean region.
Think of it...when I make a smoothie with apples AND mangoes..
something just doesnt feel right. I think I need to keep things more localized.

Enjoy this wasnt expensive either. You can find the aloe leaves
for around $2, and the prickly pear cactus for 75 cents-$1.

What a lovely smoothie for springtime too...youll love it!



yardsnacker said...

Didn't John Lennon say in his song "All you Need is Love" that "there's nothing you can do that can't be done." Very cosmically introspective and humble statement from such an artistic genius! I think that there is going to be overlap more and more as we go along in blogs and video sites, and I think that's great because really, we're all on our own journey. And these creations are just mile markers along the way to show others! Great work as usual Anthony!

Michelle J said...

Love in the Desert! Sounds great Anthony, i must try it! I've had some prickly pear cactus fruit recently and i really liked it a lot! Thanks for this! :O)

Anonymous said...

is the water native of the desert?

Anonymous said...

what temperature is that ligther burning off the prickly things with? Is that still raw?

AmyO said...

Is there such a thing as too much agave? I've really been using a lot of the stuff while I try to work out what tastes good together...

Chocolate Girl said...

happy you added the health benefits... awesome!

Angela said...

If the special aloe enzyme dies within 10 minutes, don't you think it will die in the acidic stomach conditions even faster? This would make the health benefits of hurried consumption nearly negligible, no?

Anonymous said...

hey anthony ...LOVE your recipes and blog. Really helping me as i step into the raw lifestle. thank you!

quick question: i know you live in NYC, so getting hold of the aloe leaves and prickly pear cactus are far easier. i live in you think a place like whole foods or perhaps an Asian market would sell these items?

thanks so much!!

Anthony said...

Lulu...I know that whole foods has them. I usually find them for $2.50 each, but the Westside Market on 14th st and 7th Ave had them for $1.50 each so I bought four.

If you start looking I guarantee you will find some. The great part also is that they keep very well. Usually two weeks is fine.

Good luck on your search :)


Anonymous said...

Anthony-This comment is for your eyes only. I am so glad that someone is as crazy about raw like me. I eat, sleep and think about it all the time. I never felt this way about eating before. make me feel okay about being...crazy about raw!!!

Anonymous said...


too sweet! Thanks for responding to my questions. There are a couple whole foods out here I will try out, when I am heading that way (gotta conserve gas and help the planet).
It's times like these when I miss working in the city...the easy access to whatever one needs is just wonderful. I used to pass by Westerly Market on 54th and pick up my groceries on the way home. *sighs*

thanks again! I appreciate you taking the time to respond!


Bueller said...

As my yoga instructor would say....YummmmmmaYYYYYYY



Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony,

Can you do a blog post on what your days food and nutrition is like these days? Are you still doing wheatgrass, superfoods, juices etc? Do you take supplements?

Thanks - I am learning so much from your blog!


Anthony said...

I do superfoods smoothies,
green smoothies,
big green juices (no wheatgrass lately though)
and supplements? MSM. Thats it.

Ill do a more complete post later on.


Anonymous said...

finally got a hold of the aloe & the prickly pear...this smoothie is soo yummy! I actually cut the recipe in are an active guy and require more 'sustenance' than myself.

but, anywhoo..thank you for the recipe!! it's deFinitely a new staple addition for me



Bella said...

What do you think about findings that Agave Syrup is super high in fructose and is just as bad for you as Corn Syrup?

^^ This raw food site does a little video about it.

:'-( I'm throwing out my bottle today and I'll have to make this smoothie sans Agave Nectar from now on.