Friday, February 22, 2008

A Friend from Home Visits Me in NY

( A pic from Costa Rica..taken about this time of year in 2006...let's go!)

Finally! After over three years of living in NY, a friend from Minnesota
has finally made the journey out here to spend the weekend.

3 years...they could have had a free place to stay and the inside scoop on NYC
from someone who knew the ropes and had been here for a while.
I think if my friend lived here I would have made it out by now....right?

Better late than never though...and Im so grateful to have him here.

Aaron is really getting into living foods, and was really excited to try
some of the wonderful raw offerings of NYC and see the all the sights.

He arrived yesterday and we have 3 more full days here,
so there is still so much to do. (MOMA, COSM Gallery, Chinatown..etc)

We hit up Westerly's yesterday on 54th and 8th for some sandwiches from the deli,
which we then enjoyed in the sun nearby at Central Park.

Did a little walk through of the Museum of Natural History after lunch,
and then headed over to Chocolate Girl's apt to pick up some supplies.
Her apartment smells like a magical chocolate factory.
She has the luckiest neighbors EVER.
Philip was hanging out too...and we made this video outside.
Philip is really charging 100% with the juice feast.
You have to have a good amount of discipline
and control over self to stay on a long as he has...and Im really happy for him.

After that, Aaron and I chilled at my place a bit with a little superfood pudding,
and then made it over to Jubb's Longevity Cafe for a lecture.
David was really on point tonight and the food was amazing.

Jubb's cafe is really on a whole different level when it comes to food quality.
All I suggest is that you might want to call in ahead of time and place
your order because the wait can be a bit much sometimes...just a tip.

I usually go with an Irish Moss smoothie or a dessert.
The desserts are SO complex, and with the ingredients they use, its surprising that
they actually dont cost more. One of the best values there if thats what youre going for.

We finished up the day with a walk through the East Village...
a bit cold but he's from Minnesota so there were no complaints.

We are going to Pure tonight...I'm sure he'll love it.
My roommate and his fiance tried Pure on Monday and they are still
telling people how amazed they were. That doesn't occur too much, even in NY.

We are going to be at Bonobo's tomorrow around if anyone is
nearby, Im just putting it out there....stop by and say hello if you can. We will
find a big table and all get caught up. NOON to ONE...Bonobo's...BE THERE.

When we have visitors, we tend to see our home city differently...through their eyes.
Things seem more exciting...fresher...unexpected, and random.
I am sure we all need a little more of that in our everyday routines.
There is so much out there that we simply become accustomed to because
we happen to be around it every day, but in fact the magic and energy is always there.
You just have to be in the right mind-frame to notice it.

Crater Lake, Oregon...that island was the tip of a collapse volcano. COOL.
I REALLY miss Oregon...



Jennifer said...

awww! reading this post has me missing the city, but i'm gnoshing on a chewy almond crunch bar from PFW as we speak. lol. a lil slice of nyc...i used to love it when my out-of-towners came to visit. it's as much a vacation for me as it is for them. westerley's is the spot! i used to walk over there after work all the time. it's been raining all week here in san diego but i'm hitting balboa park and cilantro this sunday with my one of my friends. this is is her first time at a raw restaurant. :D much love, dude, rawk on!

p.s. i'm rooming with nancy at the raw spirit festival. this is gonna be dope! looking forward to connecting with you and seeing phil and dhru again.

wyldegirl said...

you're sort of scary sometimes, i was JUST talking about oregon with a friend and how everyone always says i'd love it but i still haven't been. . . and really want to see more of the western states that i've missed. . .

beautiful photos!
and i'm so glad you're hanging with a friend and surrounded by yummy food, good vibes and i'm sure he couldn't ask for a better tour guide- full of enthusiasm and wonder and the most "juicy" (haha) and energetic entourage ever!

it's a magical, snowy world here this afternoon. . . i'll catch some flakes for you guys and you savour a few bites at pure for me!
xx jenny

Devon Elizabeth Butler said...

Beautiful. I used to live around the corner from Jubb's - on Tompkins (amidst my fresh floral construct - smile) and worked across the park from Bonobo's.. I am missing the city now reading this. Have the kale salad in dedication of my missing it, and I will throw stones up state towards Crater Lake for you.. perhaps they might even skip. Enjoy the reckless wanderings..

mandy said...

i love that feeling of seeing your own city all over again! i have people visiting me soon too. i wish they were into living foods though, i'll probably be eating lots of salads with lemon. but that's cool, i like salads with lemon!

Bueller said...

Great post Anthony! Sounds like you are having a blast.


Gaia said...

Awww! My home! Thank you for posting an Oregon pic, totally made my day!

Anonymous said...

I have said so much so far about my experiences but I wonder if any Raw foodist has had to deal with this dilemma. I see you guys post comments, develop blogs with "heaven on earth pictures." I see your transformations. I fall in love in the process. Yet I see that you all do care. Some of you have businesses related to raw foods but you're not sucking the mother fuckin' blood out of the customers.

Raw foods has changed me. You beautiful Raw Foodists have changed me. I am not the same person anymore. Many say that this is a cynical and sad world. But the world is a mirror to one's soul. Spiritually, metaphysically we forget that we are one. To be a cynical is a choice. Why should we fight what is inevatably beneficial.

Why be devoid of a life, sitting in a wheel chair, with swollen legs. (a little graphic). I have seen so many terminally ill people. Both of my parents are diabetic. When my dad's blood sugar was 400, I had to study for college and instead my sister and I took him to the emergency room. The doc came around and told him that he had to get on insulin. It broke my heart. And for a while it was hard for me to see him inject himself with insulin.

I don't want to end up this way. My dad eats a lot of raw fruits and vegetables and that has brought it to 110-160 range this whole week. I want to get him eventually off insulin. That is my goal.

What has this world come to? Why are millions insisting to live in hell when they can spend at least a couple hundred years living in heaven?

We can choose heaven or hell. You pick. Please Anthony and the rest tell me how you feel. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for all your great info! The supersmoothie vid was really helpful - I was wondering for a long time how to make them. You are an inspiration. Keep up the great work!

Alexandra said...

Hi Anthony...sounds like a great time! I love your writing so much *peace

Iris said...

Nice blog, I didn't know raw foods could look so yummy! :)


Chocolate Girl said...

love your last post on insanity on GI2MR

April said...

Thanks for reading my blog! I will let you know how I like the place in Hawaii but it sounds pretty great to me. I just bought my tickets for New York and got a good deal. See all of you soon!