Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Superfood Smoothie V 2.2

So this is what I have been doing as far as Superfood Smoothies go...
I do one of these a day combined with 1/4 cup of Hemp Butter
and 2 Tbls of Hemp Oil. I have been getting the organic variety,
but Manitoba Harvest also offers "Pesticide Free" which is about 25%
cheaper, although its good to show support to the organic farmers.

So these two products, a little honey...usually 1-2tbls,
and then the Superfood mix of the week.

What I love is that every 8 days I am able to try a new blend...
maybe I'll want to double the maca or take out the sheep sorrel...

LOTS of flexibility here.

I dont know the alchemy or ideas of combinations with the mix
featured on the video, so don't even bother asking.
Someone like Daniel Vitalis would know more about that stuff than myself.

After I make the smoothie, Ill throw in some gojis, cacao nibs, and shredded coconut.
Something for texture...then I prefer to eat it slowly with a
wooden spoon instead of gulping it down in 1 minute.

Take your time...enjoy and savor what you are putting into your body.
If its good enough to put into your body,
you might as well take the time to enjoy it.

As the seasons change, Ill start adding in fresh wild greens,
but for now, the dried versions will have to do.

I hope this can help!

AND...for anyone asking about is what I do.
Lately I was doing a massaged kale salad (Insprired by Dhru),
and wanted to make the honey mustard dressing that he made a while ago.
I went online, and googled RAW HONEY MUSTARD DRESSING.

You wouldnt believe how many good recipes I found.

Try this with raw vegan ice cream, dressings, ANYTHING.

USE the really makes our raw path so much easier and stress-free.

And by the way...those flowers were purchased on the 17th of Feb...
If you have someone special...make it a point to get flowers once a week.
It can really brighten up their day and really adds so much to the atmosphere.
I just love walking into a room a seeing fresh flowers in a vase.

Flowers arent just for Valentine's Day...



Gaia said...

Hey A, your smoothies sound like so much fun - chocolate for breakfast! I can't find this online, and I'm one hell of a googler. If I don't have a vitamix, how can I get cacao to blend? Can I soak it? Have to buy powder instead of pieces? It works ok in my blender, but ends up more like coffee grounds :-D

Anthony said...

Yeah, youll have to go with the powder. I used to have a less-than-optimal blender and I would blend cacao in there...but it would always be a bit gritty.

Your best best is to make your smoothie, and then blend in the powder with a WOODEN spoon.

The chemical properties of Cacao changes once metal touches you have to treat it gingerly...

Or just add in the chunks and eat it with a spoon. Maybe even whole beans...lots of fun.

Peace Gaia...thanks for all your contributions.


Anonymous said...

Good suggestions Anthony! Keep up the good work! :)


Bella said...


Thanks for the YouTube videos. Being completely right-brained they are SO helpful to me to be able to watch as opposed to just read directions.

Very appreciated!


. said...

Yo man. Great post! I just did a post about green smoothies on my blog. So now I'm going to add your video onto my blog for the peopole to see. Great tips man!

Anonymous said...

you seem pretty radical, as you have been doing this for a while.
Love your blog but what would your advice be to someone just starting their raw food journey? Do you become ill, how hard should one push. And is it necessary to go all the way, would phase one in Rainbow green Live food cuisine but with cooked lentils and quinoa not be enough ?
Have you any interest in coaching ?
I love you fuss free way and you are somehow so inspirational.
Hope to hear from you.

wyldegirl said...

mmmmm great video. . . i'm sure lots of people love having it all broken down so simply + with measurements (something i'm never good at!!). . . it looked so alive in the jar, layered and colorful!

i've been doing lots of sheep sorrel, hawthorn berries, nettles, pau d'arco, cat's claw, all those sorts of roots and powders as well .. . and i love the extra nourishment and strength i feel- like an added boost to get through winter?!!

i feel like a scientist in the kitchen and co-ops lately. . . filling baskets and then the blender (or simmering tea pot) with a myriad of barks, berries, leaves, flowers and powders. . . with a thousand different combinations!!
so perfect timing with this video. . . (are they organic and/or local flowers??) and ps i love the urban cowboy photo- completely funky.

Timmizzy said...

The superfoods video was freakin awesome!!! That's about the coolest idea I've ever seen. The coolest thing is I was about to throw away a glass pickle jar, and now I have the perfect plan what to use it for. Thank you for the awesome video.

Fitnessdiva said...

you're so cute that it disturbs me from what you are saying and I'm a french canadian with a bad listening ability (in english). Can you write down the ingredients, please? :)
Thank you, you are awesome by the way! Love your blog!

Green Smoothie Diet said...

Hi Anthony - Love your site. I also love vita-mineral green. I am almost out and thought you might have a good recommendation for where to buy it online in bulk or for discounted pricing. I am doing 90 days of Green Smoothies ( feel free to check out my blog at ) and I always add VG in for an extra boost so I'm sure I am going to need mass quantities to make it through the next 3 months. Please let me know if you have a preferred source or any suggestions. Thanks again!