Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine's Day is NOT for Lovers.

A Special Day to Show LOVE?

I know that obviously Im not the first person to mention this,
but I think as far as the raw foodies are concerned,
I have a very "romanticized" version of how they act and think.

I'd like to believe that they are independent enough in the their
minds and hearts to not really participate in such a made-up
day that was created to sell mediocre chocolates and cards.

I'd like to believe that they are so full of love that what
they are "supposed" to do on Valentine's Day
actually mirrors their activities 3-4 times a week.

Is Valentine's Day really for lovers?
Or is it for the people who don't usually show love the rest of the year?
And why do we feel that we have to consume products to show love? Hmmmm.

Did any of us go out on the 14th and fight the crowds for a dinner table?
Did we BUY something that we normally wouldn't have?
Could we have waited till Friday to buy flowers?
Shouldn't we be buying flowers once a week anyways?

Here's an idea. STAY HOME.
Stay home, and make dinner together with your lover.
Make chocolates TOGETHER and put your love into that bowl with every swirl.
Make a wonderful raw meal in your own kitchen.

Then sit down, enjoy the food that you both made...not strangers,
and think about how much quieter and more romantic it is
compared to some crowded restaurant full of people eating and working.

Then, follow it up with a nice warm coconut (or olive or almond) oil massage,
and wrap it up with whatever suits your fancy :)

OR...go to a Chocolate Party held by Raw Foodies...cant go wrong with that.
More active yes, but of course still really fun.

Maybe I should have typed this on Wednesday, but I wanted to
see what everyone was up to. There is always next year.
WAIT! There is always NOW. RIGHT??

Valentine's Day is supposed to be a day you show how much you care.
Get off of this consumer mind-track and show your love to your lover

This is how the enlightened ones live
and this is the key to heaven on Earth.
Every day, every moment. LOVE. Nothing but Love.

No day on the calendar can ever tell me what to do.
We are free, and we can make Valentine's Day every day.

Breaking free...loving like everyday is V-day...pretty nice right?
Coconut oil massage!!!!


Oh right! I have finally started uploading videos again on youtube!
Check them out HERE.


Michelle J said...

Hey Anthony, once again i love your post because it rings so true to me!!! I would much rather stay home with a loved one and cook together than deal with crowded noisy restaurants! So, well said my friend! Hope to see you next week!

Aarpn said...

Hey Tony, Sorry but i have to disagree with you. I really dont care if it is a made up holiday or not. For me and my wife, it is a day that we can set aside, not think about our jobs...bring the kid to the grandparents, and have a great meal and enjoy each others company. We had such a great time. You always talk about looking at the positive and when it comes to holidays, you bash. We have such busy lives, as you know, with our jobs...Kala is a senior in college which is 1 hr away and she drives there, along with having our great son Noah. AND Kala is pregnant. All great news but i do think you are missing the great thing about days like V Day. I didnt go spend a ton of money, just got her some nice jammies, some earings that were like $8 and we went to our favorite restaraunt and a movie. We dont get to go on dates as much anymore. It was really fun for Noah too as he was able to make cards for all of his friends at daycare. It is nice to be able to have a day that we can plan to be like that. Positive thinking Tone!

shannonmarie said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. We celebrated at home, too, although we make it a point to show our love for one another everyday.

That food looks wonderful, and the coconut oil massage idea is definitely a good one :-)

raw by default said...

Yeah, we should be loving each other every day. But the holiday does give some people the little push they need to show their affection.

I kind of ignored the day this year, though. I actually forgot it was Valentine's Day until someone mentioned it! I'm one of those cynics who'd like to wear an "I Hate Valentine's Day" t-shirt. Maybe that would change if I had someone to share the day with... but maybe not. Pushy consumerism will probably always bug me.

Stacey said...

happy day of love! every day is a day of love!

mmm yes, coconut oil massages are totally essential and yummy!

thanks for the great posts as usual



mandy said...

what i dislike about valentines day (aside from the fact that it was invented purely to sell cards) is how it seems to make single people seem to feel bad about themselves. couples also often fight if one forgets, or if they have different views on how to celebrate.

so i agree with you, although if other couples want to go out and celebrate, i encourage it. they must need that little piece of romance more than we do ;)

ps, love the blog!

Chocolate Girl said...

cacao butter massages after a home tosse wiiild greens salad definitely result in happy endings ;) lol

Timmizzy said...

I was wondering if you could tell me where I could buy the blue poster pictured in your blog on, friday, october 5, 2007?

Thank You,

Timmizzy said...

Are you still considering biking from new york to minnesota? The Boutenko family hiked from the mexican border to the canadian border, on the pacific crest trail, for 6 months. It's like 2,623 miles long, and they were walking. I think biking would be totally possible.


Ankit said...

hi you don't know me, but i came across your blog through the wlir website lol

i never really looked at it from that perspective, but now that i do, you're totally right. the world needs a lot more lovin'. listen to "timeless," by sergio mendes and india arie -- it has a good message in it.

nice to meet you. i'm not a raw foodist, but i'm vegan / raw food appreciator.