Thursday, February 28, 2008

Back in Action...

Sorry everyone...tons of stuff going on.
I was in Milwaukee for a shoot with Kohls,
and have been running around the city all day today and earlier this week.

I just bought two colonies of honeybees,
and after watching the feature on 60 minutes
and reading Dhru's posting, I couldnt agree more.

Conventional bees are treated so poorly,
and I think that the wave has finally crashed on the beach.
They are robbed of their honey, fed poisonous corn syrup,
and totally pumped full of toxins.

I didnt even like the idea of buying my bees from
conventional beekeepers, but they offer disease free bees
that are close to my home in Minnesota, so I can get them easier.
You should see it their catalog
they sell corn syrup by the TRUCK LOAD.

A big 18-Wheeler filled with Corn Syrup.

Here is a fun fact that many of you might not know.
The Hostess cupcake company had their original factory
in cleveland, and corn syrup would flow through the pipes.

There would be puddles of high fructose corn syrup on the factory floor.
Not even RATS or FLIES would eat the syrup.
Only dogs and humans would eat it.
Interesting, right?

I have been reading the Anastasia series, and I am up to book three.
I actually was happy that my flight to Wisconsin was delayed
so I could keep reading in peace without having to get up and wait in line.

It keeps getting better and better. These books will change your life,
especially if you are in the process or raising children or are planning to someday.

There are so many more to read, so I am really excited to explore more.

A documentary that I recently watched was

"The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil"

Watch a related clip here:

Only the creatures that can adapt to changing environments will survive.

"A man is rich in proportion to the things he can let alone."

-Henry David Thoreau



The 1% extreme said...

Congrats on your bee purchase Anthony! If you have a good resource for how to take proper care of them I would love to know more. I'm going to take a course in basic beekeeping this spring, can't wait!

Thank you for sharing :)

Michelle J said...

Hey Anthony, glad to see your posting again! Very interesting fact about the corn syrup dude! Gosh even the rats wouldn't touch it!!

I to am reading the Anastasia series of books but i am only on book 1. I would love to pick your brain and discuss these wonderful books with you!!!

Next week?? Let me know!

yardsnacker said...

Congratulations on the bees!

wyldegirl said...

i'll be psyched to have excited conversations about anastasia. . . on march 13th!
i have my whole family petitioning all the local co-ops to reasearch their local honey and make sure it's organic. . . and have been spreading the bee awareness around like mad. . . it's SO important and I'd rather not see people realize it when it's too late and 1/3 of our crops can no longer be wild and pollinated. . .
i like to keep hope in the human race even though it's been proven otherwise over and over!
xx jenny

Mary said...

Found your blog while looking for info on VitaMix blender online.. I've been reading through the blog and I'm inspired to make better choices. Can't say that I am ready to go raw 100%, but the way we eat at home can definitely be improved!
I'm curious about what permaculture is, so that's my next search.
Your photographs are beautiful, btw!
Cheers from a snowy MN,

Kristen's Raw said...

I saw that documentary a while was great!

Anonymous said...

I always look forward to your new posts. And I was wondering since you enjoy California would you ever consider relocating there? You have such charm, charisma and radiance that you should definately consider becoming a film actor. I'm very certain that you would become very successful in that department. It would also support your permaculture living in a major way.


Gaia said...

Power of Community is one of my favorites! In part because I know in school growing up all we were taught was 'Cuba is communist and therefore bad and we can't go to their country and we hate them'. (Another reason why Lies My Teacher Told Me is one of my favorite books.)
I also have a question - since you are raw-vegan, do you wear fur? I mean, for designers, will you do a shoot with fur?

Love reading your blog, A!