Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Runway show and staying busy

Its all about getting things done fast,
and enjoying your excess free time with friends and loved ones.

I've been super busy lately...

Making new dishes, filming new vids for youtube (coming soon),
reading Anastasia and listening to the Four HOUR Work Week,
doing some castings, and working.

Granted, my work is not common, but I still have to
put in a good amount of time behind the scenes.
Every minute working out counts as work...
although since I always listen to success tapes
and watch documentaries while doing so, it really is pleasure.

Here are some pics from the R. Scott French
Fashion show I did on Monday during the
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NY.

Here is the link of the actual show video...
Im numbers 17 and 64.

Shows don't pay very well, but you get some
extra exposure and some freebies,
so its pretty cool overall.

I should make myself a RAWMODEL.COM
T-shirt to wear around while I'm at these things.

If it wasnt for raw food AND exercise...
I would not be a model.
Very few people can trash their bodies
and still look decent enough to get paid for this.
Genetics has NOTHING to do with it.
I believe that the human body is
naturally beautiful, and only because
of decades of trashing does it become
covered with a facade of non-beauty.

Read David Wolfe's Eating for Beauty and become as convinced of this as myself.

What did I eat yesterday?

A smoothie of One Aloe Vera leaf,
1/4 Cup of Goji Berries,
1 Tablespoon of Blue Green Algae.

Then a superfood blend of 1/4 cup Hemp Butter
1 Tbls of Hemp oil (always Manitoba Harvest)
Goji Berries
Mesquite Powder
Ho Shou Wo
A handful of dried Nettle Leaves
1 tbls of Wild Honey
Cacao Nibs
2 tbls of Maca (POWER)
1 tbls of Sheep Sorrel Powder and Pau D'Arco Powder
1 tbls of Hawthorn Berry powder and 1/4 cup of Hawthorn leaves.

8 0z of Evian....blend it all together and eat as a pudding. YUM!!!!

Then a monster green salad of arugula, black olives, sundried tomatoes,
Cucumbers, red bell peppers, lemon juice, olive oil, honey and onion.

Plus about 1.5 litres of filtered water.

And to round if off....basil ice cream!!! Same recipe as Sarma's...
just add in a handful of basil leaves!
Or...Rose petals, lavender flowers, daylillies....

You could add in anything really. Thats the beauty of it.
You are the creator!!!

And by that...I mean of EVERYTHING...not just some little recipes.

"Imagination is the beginning of Creation.
You imagine what you desire,
you will what you imagine,
and at last you CREATE what you will.

-George Bernard Shaw-


Alexandra said...

orange mocha frappachinos!

wyldegirl said...

i see the influence of daniel vitalis in your current meals lately as well!! i'm completely captivated with herbal blends and elixirs now. . . it's really meditative to think beforehand of exactly what my body needs at this particular moment (or day) and then make a pudding or shake to perfectly fulfill that-
custom food!

are you disappointed you missed walking to crimson + clover?! i thought the beautiful people song was fitting, as you're truly beautiful from the inside- which is the only thing that matters (and it can't help but translate to outer beauty). . . and it's not just because i'm biased, but you did have one of the better walks (and hair- superfoods and perfect oils??!) in the group. . .
x jenny

Anthony said...

Yeah...some guys looked really stiff...its a funny thing, because backstage its fairly calm, and then you are in line...all of a sudden they push you out there and its BAM!...tons of people everywhere and SO bright...you just have to play it cool for 45 seconds and then you can go back to reality again.

ALEXANDRA! Let the beast out of her cage!!!!

Jenny! I ALWAYS love your commments...we are really on the same wavelength! Keep it up with the new herbal experiments and let me know how it goes.

Much love everyone...

Rod said...

My friend turned me into this amazing blog, I'm hooked. Keep up the good work!!!

raw by default said...

I almost didn't recognize you in those pictures! LOL... That's a different look. I always think of you as a more natural sort of guy. You still look great, though. :)

Bueller said...

Ho Shou Wo yourself! Are you bummed you didn't get to wear the kilt? Maybe just a little? I agree about your walk. Your walk was alive. I may goes as far as to say captivating. Can you pass that amazing salad through the computer? I'm starving!!

The world needs more alive people like you:
“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” - Howard Thurman

-personally I like it best when you're smiling.


Anonymous said...

I went to the website where all of the model pictures were and wow you definetly look the best out of all of them. Your eyes are awake and you look healthy. Keep the advice going!! I'm definitely am going to have to get some of those super foods...they look amazing.

Ari Miraj said...

you are the weirdest Caucasian guy ever. i just can't believe my eyes when i saw pictures of you eating durians and the fact that you love them very much. as a malaysian, i would like to invite you to visit the state of Johor one day and i will bring you to the best durians fair in Malaysia.

stephanie said...

Hey Anthony!
thats actually my dad and my brothers name..
just wanted to drop a line and say that I think your doing a great thing here...your sending out a good message not only about food and lifestyle but about life! I totally know how it feels when all you want to do is help people...I am also in the fashion world and over the past few years my lifefood lifestyle has become a huge second passion of mine that I'm not sure where my path is taking me...Life is so exciting! is it not? Everyday brings something wonderful..Anyway I'll stop rambling..gonna go to bed..I'll be checking out your catwalk appearance later that you have linked...good luck with everything and keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

When are you getting your own cooking show on The Food Network? I hope you're working on it. Thanks for being an inspiration.
Michael in DC

KristinGoneRaw said...

Anthony-- It's good to have you back in the states; Glad you had a good trip!
Yeah.. If you make a shirt online (like cafepress.com or something), let us know! I'd definitely buy one and wear it! That'd be great!

Anonymous said...

Wow Anthony,

That is so neat to be such a great example to the world and also the fashion world, I feel that we really all do support the great work you do on and off the run way.


Sarah said...

what's in that salad you made? it looks really good!

wheresb said...

We have furniture in our kitchen for our herbs collection. One of the endless uses of those tahini and almond butter jars, which they are all stored in. (The other use, smoothie/soup/juice/tea transport--love the seal on a good nut butter jar.)

Also, I want to eat that salad.

Nice meeting you last weekend.

xo B

Awesome said...

3 or 4 of those guys your walking with or from that Bravo show, "Make Me a Supermodel". Weird! Maybe you'll be on TV.

Anonymous said...

One of the best raw blogs out there. You're not only raw, you've got great amplitude modulation my friend.

Take care, Sam yardsnacker.com

Jen said...

You look great Anthony! Then again, you already know that. Your blog is fantastic! Keep on advertising for fashion and raw foods! You do it well.

Mullmania said...

Tim Ferris and 'The Four Hour Work Week' get my highest recommendation. Great material...I really dug it.

Thanks for posting a sample of your diet. I've been interested...

And you should definitely make a RawModel.com shirt.

Mullmania said...

Oh, one more thing, since you mentioned your working on some youtubes and you've recently posted about raw ice cream, a video showing how to make some would rawk.

tash said...

Just ordered Four-Hour Workweek! Thanks!

BreeWee said...

LOVE the smoothie recipe!
Mahalo Plenty! And I agree, you do look the most awake and alive... I would credit it on the eating habits :)

MetroHippie said...

Wow - I had no idea models thought the way you do. I love reading your blog - I'm impressed by all the issues you consider. I've heard other vegans tell me us raw foodists are making a plant-based diet look even crazier, which is why they get so hostile about it.

I was at Fashion Week also... course, I was outside handing out anti-DKNY leaflets...