Monday, February 11, 2008

We like it WOODEN...

We Like WOOD.

Got your attention?

Nothing sexual kiddies...get your minds out of the gutter.

Im talking about bowls, cups, forks, and spoons...and NOT personalities.
This is about gravitating towards using as much wood in
your kitchen and at your dining table as possible.
This post was inspired by my good friend Dave Lindoo out in Portland.

Have you noticed all the pics of my salads with wooden bowls lately?
The more I read about the nastiness of plastics and metals,
and the more I embrace natural things, the stronger my
preference is for using only wooden utensils and bowls.

I havent purchased a ceramic knife yet...but its coming soon.
And true, Im still using the vita-mix which has metal blades,
but at least we can be metal free if we are doing
salads and natural foods that don't need processing in the kitchen.

Is the vibration of the food higher?
Is the intengrity of the food maintained?
Are toxins kept out by using wood?
Is the vitamin C content maintained because we arent using metal anymore?

I would definitely think YES on all these accounts.
But really...I think its basically just really cool to eat out of wooden bowls
and use nice wooden chopsticks and wooden spoons.
It feels way more natural and it adds more novelty to the meal.
Its SO fun to sit with loved ones and have raw food out of wooden bowls.
I think it really completes the natural circle.

True...wooden products are expensive in Western countries...
I bought all mine while traveling abroad,
but if you compare the price of a bamboo bowl
to the price of a nice ceramic'll be very suprised
how close in price they are.


Check thrift shops and yard sales, especially since spring is coming
up and many old ladies are cleaning out their kitchens to buy new
shiny metal bowls and kitchen tools. Take advantage!

I noticed that there is no glaze on my bowls either...
that could be an important thing to consider.
Not a big fan of varnish or seal-coating on my bowls.
However, if there is glaze or varnish, I would suggest buying
some fine sand paper from your local hardware store
and give it the rub down.
Then polish it with some primo olive oil or your
favorite nut oil to give it a nice shine.

It just feels so right eating out of wooden bowls...
something about it just rings so true to me.
Check it out, look around for one, and if you get one...
you will likely be very happy that you did.


What is in that last salad????

And how did I make that basil and pistachio ice cream???

That is a massaged dinosaur kale salad.
I covered it with lemon juice, honey, and olive oil...
then squeezed and massaged it for about 5 minutes.
I then added sprouts, raisins, cucumbers, apples, and cashews.

And the ice creams?

1 cup of cashews, 1 cup of coconut water
3/4 cup of coconut oil, and 1/2 cup of Agave.
I still use agave for ice creams.
Add in as much basil as you like...blend away.

For the pistachio? Substitute the cashews for pistachios...
Dont you just love the freedom of raw food?

This one pictured above is the basil recipe (SANS basil), with cacao powder and nibs.

We added cacao nibs and more chunky pistachios afterwards.
Running it through the ice cream machine makes is so much creamier,
but its good no matter what.

Its so funny when people think that raw-foodists
don't enjoy food anymore. How clueless...

Have a great week everyone!
Nothing but love always!
SO much support and feedback, LOVING IT!



KristinGoneRaw said...

Totally! And we appreciate food way more. There's just a kind of joy in the pure redness of an apple! Thanks for posting the recipes! I look forward to trying them.

Jennifer said...

i'm with you on the wooden bowls! i polish mine with olive oil. also haven't got my ceramic knives (or vita-mix) yet but it's in the works. ^_^

S. said...

Jealous jealous jealous.

I want wood bowls! I was actually just thinking about it the other day. I especially want a wooden cutting board. There is something funky about cutting on plastics. The shards that are being torn up with your knife have to be going somewhere.

Amanda O'Boyle said...

Anthony thanks so much for the recipes, they look so good an such a simple tip as wooden bowels, everything helps to take health to the next level thanks a million

Anonymous said...

You continue to inspire me with every post.
Thank you.

Kate Quinn said...

Hi Anthony, it's interesting what you say about the wooden bowls and utensils! I've always loved wooden bowls but they were always delegated to holding snacks and not mains (especially wet ones like pudding!). Here in Australia they were a big thing in the 70s so you can pick up really good pieces in thrift stores.

I recently bought myself a beautiful polished Jarrah wooden spoon and I swear food tastes more delectable off it!


Shanise said...


You are amazing! I look forward to reading your posts all the time. I agree with you whole-heartedly and actually researched wooden bowls and utensils and found some really cool sites that offer both. Green Feet offers Bambu's Veneerware and this site offers plain wooden bowls in different sizes for a pretty reasonable price.

I wonder, however, regarding plastic. Do you know if there is a company that offers thermoses or any travel-friendly (not fragile) containers for water/homemade juice that isn't made from plastic? Hmm...

Anyway, thanks for being so rawesome!


Gaia said...

Ah, yes, ever since watching Our Synthetic Sea I've tried to get rid of buying plastic wherever I can. Again, your writings never cease to amaze!


rawleen said...

That salad looks amazing. What's the green in it - kale? Yum!

Sara said...

Anthony...I've been loving your blog for awhile now and wanted to drop by to say hello. This post in particular really rang true for me...and I've written a similar post on my blog:

Keep up the great're inspiring many.