Sunday, February 3, 2008

Helpful Raw Foodies

This is supposed to be a blog about food right?
I may digress a bit talking about other issues...but never fear.
I can still make dishes that would convert any junk-foodist
from the dark side to the LIVE side.

If you are into making raw ice cream,
having a $50 ice cream machine makes all the difference in the world.
I've had the ice cream at Pure, and thought that it would be impossible
to duplicate the creamy texture, but a small home ice cream machine from
Costco or Sam's Club will completely create the best ice cream ever.

If you can get it from a local vendor, all means.
Im not saying go out and support Wal-mart or whoever,
so dont release the hounds on me...
its just a quick idea to improve your raw food experience.

Oh yeah, we made basil ice cream two nights ago...BLISS.
Perma-grin is a good way to describe it.

SO...enough about the food already!
There are other more important things to attend to...such as...

I've never immersed myself in a sub-culture before,
and I would surely day that at the moment,
the raw food movement is unfortunately a sub-culture of veganism
and all other more mainstream meat/cruelty free lifestyles.

I find this kind of funny, because I feel that in this little pocket of humanity,
resides the lightworkers that have started the ripples in the pond
that will soon overtake the world with peace and sustainability.
The truth smacks you right in the forehead about 2-4 weeks after going
raw...and the ideas of violence, greed, jealousy, competition,
and even pride soon start to drop away from your life.

I have found more bright souls in the unfortunately current
dark soup of the world in the raw food community.
Everyday I am blessed to meet more radiant
beings who live HIGH impact lives. By high impact, I mean positive
vibes flowing from their hearts and minds...not carbon footprints.
Ironically, us Raw Foodists are probably some of the lowest scoring
westerners as far as carbon-footprints are concerned.

Everyone is so eager to help...and I see much less judgment in this community
compared to the more mainstream vegan communities.
Look at the comments someday on this website...where does most negativity come from?
NON RAW FOODISTS...usually VEGANS. Just negative vibes..
Not coming from a sense of love and compassion, but attack.
Its no wonder they scare everyone away.

In fact, this revelation occurred to me last night and I will now make
it a point to no longer speak down about people eating differently.
I will talk about the bad energy of eating certain foods,
and the negative impacts it has to our minds bodies and souls,
but I want to really focus on the joy and love of eating high
vibrational foods and being around high vibrational people.

Eat the freshest...look the freshest.
Eat the freshest...think the freshest.
Eat the the freshest.
Eat the freshest...BE the freshest.

Raw-foodies have fresh minds and pure hearts...
I don't want to generalize too much, but seriously...look around.
In the community, I see nothing but love.
Especially on the Forums,
people are so helpful and non-judgmental.

I just dont notice it anywhere else.

We are here to help, because this lifestyle change awakens
the lightworker resting deep within us.
Let us know what we can do to positively impact your life,
and chances are many of us will be willing to make it happen.

When I was trekking in Nepal, I noticed that every Nepali on
the trail greets you in two ways always.
One: They will refer to you...a a brother or sister.
And two, they will always say "Namaste".
Namaste...most of you might know but for those who don't:
"The Divine Spirit in Me Salutes the Divine Spirit in You."

That notion...added to the idea that everyone is a brother or sister.
How would that affect your view of the world?
How would you start to see strangers?
Would you even see strangers anymore?


(One has opened is still tightly closed. Which is more beautiful?)


Linda Salas said...

This is nicely put. I had been a vegetarian for 5 years before going raw and the people around me never seemed interested... of course I didn´t look very healthy. Now after raw, people really see a difference and it surprises me everytime, but people want to know more, they see us happier and with way more energy, looking better... it has made all the difference. Now many want to try, even heavy meat eaters want to try. I ´m flabbergasted. And happy. This is a very nice post.

raw by default said...

I love passion flowers. They've always reminded me of colourful little carousels. Maybe that's where insects go to have fun when we're not looking. :)

I've had two negative experiences already on the GI2MR site, so I'm a little shy about speaking my mind there. Doesn't mean I'm going to stop, though (even though I thought I might). Most raw foodies are positive, yes. But there are some that seem to have drifted in from the outside world for the wrong reasons. That's a limitation of the Internet... If you met some of these people in real life, you'd probably steer clear because of the energy they gave off. Online, you usually don't have the luxury of evaluating someone by their "vibes".

RawReform said...

Aaaaaaahhhh, beautiful post :)))
Thanks so much for sharing...
Love the basil ice-cream idea...What a GREAT way to use those bunches up...
Love the honouring of raw community even more - mmmmm, we are so blessed - so many lightworkers out there now - movin' and shakin' ;)
Namaste, brother ;)
One love,
Angela. xxx

Kev said...

"Eat the freshest...look the freshest.
Eat the freshest...think the freshest.
Eat the the freshest.
Eat the freshest...BE the freshest."

Great raw food quote right there.

Such great blog posts lately Anthony. I'm really diggin' where you are at right now. This is what it's all about.



Veronica said...

I'm glad your finally noticing your own faults of being a bit judgemental to those who eat differently than you. =)

I find that on some of your posts you sometimes take on a "Peta" mentality to those who cook, and eat/use animals. A lot of people might take that the wrong way. Cheers for your self-realization!

Anonymous said...


Amanda O'Boyle said...

Love this! mmmmmm your post are soo much fun!

Alexandra said...

You are an AWARE present as the watcher of your mind and be as interested in your reaction as in the situation that causes you to react. Don't judge or analyze what you the thoughts and feel the emotion......Don't make a personal problem out of it. Silent Watcher>>>>Conscious Observer>>>>Still Observing Presence....anthony you are making this your own wisdom and we are lucky to have more people remembering!

Anonymous said...

Where can I find the recipe for the basil ice cream? That sounds so good!

What type of ice cream and toppings are in your photo?

Thanks :)

wyldegirl said...

what did you use for a base for the basil ice cream?

compassionate words anthony. . . thanks for sharing your light

Chocolate Girl said...


Mullmania said...

'Eat the freshest...look the freshest.
Eat the freshest...think the freshest.
Eat the the freshest.
Eat the freshest...BE the freshest.'

Really great stuff right there. That sums it up in a nutshell. I've read that the cells in our body, regenerate constantly and within one year from today you will literally be a new person.

What are you turning into?