Friday, February 29, 2008

Garam Masala Retreat and George Carlin

If anyone hasn't heard yet from We Like it Raw,
there is an amazing retreat being held in the
Poconos (Mountainous region in Eastern Pennsylvania) from
March 13th to the 16th. Lectures are going to be held, lots of
food demos and videos, and nature walks as well.
This retreat is a steal for sure...
check out the link and be amazed by this location.
We are going to have an amazing time,
so if you can get away for the weekend
make the decision and come hang out with all of us
in only two short weeks. You wont regret it, I assure you!

We have been amazed at the response already,
and people are flying in from WAY further away than we expected,
so hurry if you are interested.

Garam Masala (Warm Spice) Retreat in just two weeks!!!


Im intending to add in a video with each post,
either something I made or something I recently
watched on youtube or google video.

Seriously folks...all the video content we need
to be successful just might be found on youtube these days.

Here is a clip from a recent stand-up performance from
the one and only George Carlin. He really tells it like it is,
and I hope we can all fully realize what he is talking about
and take the steps to create Eden here on Earth.
There is some swearing don't hold it against me.

This is a thought I had the other day...

Some people believed that we were kicked out of
the Garden of Eden thousands or millions of years ago.
What is funny is that they accept this current world instead
of trying to REBUILD Eden. If you got kicked out of the club,
START YOUR OWN. Rebuild paradise on Earth.
Dont accept the current crap we have been
given by the government and corporations...
create Paradise NOW.


raw-a-licious-sistas said...

sounds like a lot of work.....creating the paradise that is.....

Andrea D said...

Anthony my man! Way to go on posting such a wicked video. George Rocks!! Sweet :)

yardsnacker said...

Love some of the Carlin stuff, nothing like an old crabby man telling it how it is!

Great idea on adding a vid to each post! I humbly bow before your excellence in blogging. ;)

kate said...

just read my way through your wonderful blog...
so much wisdom & inspiration
thank you thank you

Anonymous said...

That was an amazing video, interesting that he is a comedian getting the word out that way...I know this is a raw food blog but you may want to check out think you may enjoy. :) btw great blog!

michael mclean said...

hey anthony great blog cause of you i started my own blog

Disa said...

Great Stuff. It is crazy how the more raw you become the more conscious you become. You start seeing things that you have been submerged in all your life and start questioning and thinking. This is what I am going through right now an it trips me out! Lately I have been thinking a lot about the food pyramid and FDA. After seeing "Sicko" I have no trust in the govt, and feel great knowing that I am responsible for my own health. And with going raw, I will have awesome health! Next on my agenda in permaculture and freeganism! Keep it coming Anthony. Oh yeah and the next time you come to LA I want to get together with you and Bueller.

Alice said...


I love your blog, and sorry the first comment seems a bit negative, but isn't it a bit hypocritical to blog about the evils of consumerism, and how silly we are to buy stuff we don't need, when you as a model make a living from creating the desire for these very products?

I understand that we all need to make a living, but we also need to think seriously about the implications of that work.
Just wanted to mention it as it's something I've struggled with myself occasionally.


Anthony said...


Trust me, the hypocrisy is not lost on me. It is because I am a model that I had the free time to actually think about questions and issues like these.

And very likely, that most of these people wouldnt be half as interested in this blog if I wasnt a model.

I use my career to lure people into raw food through the beauty aspect.
Unless you are volunteering for some non-profit or planting trees somewhere, its likely that there is not much good being done.

Youre not the first one to realize the juxtaposition of my duality. That is what makes this blog interesting. Trust me though...we are all brainwashed into buying stuff we dont need. At least Im not working 50 hours a week in the advertising office.

They give me their money, I dont give them theirs. Its more about how you spend your cash, then how you earn it.

I like the idea of taking their money and using it to spread the ideas of liberation through living food and permaculture.


Alice said...

Ahh, good point!

I'd argue that if you have choice, then how you earn and spend money is equally important. (Though using your profile to genuinely divert attention to good causes is hard to fault!)