Sunday, September 18, 2011

Finding a Korean Nut Pine in NYC

This video MAY have captured my excitement,
but seriously I was in plant geek heaven right there.

I have planted so many trees in the past 4 years,
but the Korean Nut Pine is the only evergreen conifer
that I have planted in the food forests.

They are so tiny though...the ones that I have planted.
To see a majestic queen like this in person humbled me.

So life-giving.
The squirrels are feasting on her bounty,
and after seeing how laborious it is to get each little kernel out,
I realized that I may have planted a squirrel buffet instead of a human one.

So it goes though...It will be worth it and the KNP (korean nut pine)
is well known for its massive pine pollen catkins..
so not only will we get nuts but also heaps of pollen.

Such a treasure...plant some NOW!!!