Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Strange but True Facts about 9-11

I always said that if I felt something to be true, I would share it.
If I was laying in my bed as an old man and thought that I could
have shared some more information with people in any way that I could,
but chose not to because of some hopeful future $$$$ from a TV
show or whatever else...and I chose to keep quiet -
I would feel like I had chosen money over truth and wouldnt
be able to live with myself or pass away knowing that I was a fraud.

Luckily, this is the official story though! Enjoy!

The strangest part about all this is that barely NO ONE
that I know here in the USA questions ANY OF THIS.

Is it really that hard to believe? the OFFICIAL story above an decide for yourself.

Truth is FAR stranger than fiction.

I would love for this to have no me I would.
Id love to live in a country with a gov't that actually serves its citizens...
that would just be so amazing I imagine. Its coming though...

I love all of arbitrary borders or lies from the mainstream
media can get me to hate people from another country
or because they dont believe the same things as me.
I TRULY feel that we are all waking up to this,
and these are the last gasps of tyranny. What a time to be alive.

In my next post I'll share with you what I did on 9-11...
I think you'll enjoy it.