Monday, September 12, 2011

A Paradise Garden for 9-11

If Only I would have waited 6 more minutes! 11:11:11 on 9:11:11!
I was exhausted after walking around Heaven on Earth all day though!

I found it fitting to spend 9-11 in a forest garden.
That day was so tragic and so unneeded that I felt by
spending time in a little slice of Heaven on Earth would be a fitting
way to spend the day...especially away from the madness of NYC.

I was SO happy to see this sign! People are getting it!
Think about how much positive change just one person can do.
Now...multiply that by 10...or 100...or 10,000...its JOYOUS
to think of what people with love in their hearts can create.
Or 100,000,000????
A part of the garden is an edible schoolyard.
And for the end of the summer season,
Chef Mario Batali has hosted a wonderful section
that is all about showing people how to make wonderful and healthy
food from fruits and veg that we can grow in our backyard.
My hat goes off to you dear sir! WELL DONE!!!

Downtown in NYC, there were sirens, secret service,
and hundreds of thousands of people.
We were here.
Talk about the acid/alkaline balance.
I was so happy here.
It fills my heart so much to see little kids getting into gardening.
THIS is the future...not wars and greed...but gardens. And love.
Less fighting and more planting!

To my complete surprise, we found a Korean Pine Nut tree!!
I honestly would have made the trip up here to see JUST this tree.

AND...we were able to find some unselected kernels...
the squirrels are living very well in this garden.
When you think about the labor needed to shell each kernel,
you gain a much deeper respect for how sacred this food really is.

I have planted at least 6 of these in my food forest in Minnesota.
They are 2 feet tall. To be in the presence of this majestic being
was truly an honor...she is so beautiful and lovely.
I could feel her peaceful energy.

I couldnt think of a better place to be...really.
We can have this everywhere. We just have to want it enough.

Let's make the planet a Paradise Garden. We can grow it now.
We can co-create Heaven on Earth.
Really we can.
The Great Spirit would be so proud of us for doing it
in the face of such a strong and painful dichotomy.
I really do believe that is our purpose.
Once we create it, our children will see the value and never let it slip away.

And remember...HAVE FUN ALWAYS!

Im sending SO MUCH LOVE to the victims AND
the perpetrators of 9-11 and everything that has happened since because of it.

We must send love to all that is here...for it is truly all of us.
The "evil" that lurks in the high places of the world feeds
on the hate and disappointment that we send it...
we must above all send them so much unconditional love,
and second, show them that a paradise planet is in ALL of our best interests.
And then we just start creating it. If they are with us...GREAT!
If not, they won't even be relevant anymore anyways.

It is the only way to have Heaven here again as it once was.
We must send EVERYONE love.

I know it sounds sappy or cheesy or whatever,
but obviously the other strategy isnt exactly working.
SEND them ALL love. All of them.