Monday, September 26, 2011

Hail Merry!!!

A masterpiece in chocolate - Merry's Miracle Tart.

I just received a big order from my.


When I picked up the box at the agency, I didn't quite know what I was
getting myself into...I knew it would be good, but not like this.

Treats! And a t-shirt too...what a bonus.

Here are the products that came...I need to pace myself here haha!

Nice shirt too! Super comfy...

Salt & Pepper Sunflower Seeds...Dad would LOVE these.

Lemon Grawnola...

Cherry Almond Hemp Grawnola...this is already eaten as I type this!

Chimayo Chile Pecans...I had to hide these from myself. Seriously.

Chocolate a world of dry and flakey macaroons,
these are moist morsels of pure chocolate plumpness.

The vanilla ones are just as good...moist and super tasty.

Macaroon-y goodness.

Orange Rosemary Pecans

Lemon Thyme...such good flavor combos!!

Orange Cranberry perfect.

And now...TART TIME!.

Meyer Lemon!

Persian Lime! What??? Too good to be true.

Keeping it REAL - Chocolate!


And now...the masterpiece so far.
Chocolate Almond Butter...

I can agree...this tart is the rightful winner.

This was just too good...thank you Hail Merry for really bringing
the goodness..I could feel the positive intentions in this food
and it was better than I could have even hoped for!

A little cherry-almond hemp grawnola in some coconut creme...

Look at those chunks! We like it chunky!

Support this company! High vibes!!!