Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Daniel Vitalis on the AA Show

When I started this show, one of the first thoughts that came
into my mind was having DV on the show...Im glad it happened
right before his west coast tour.

Watch the whole video HERE.
The links are listed below on that page as well.

His event with Frank Giglio and Arthur Haines
called "Ancestral Ignition" is happening in Maine soon
so if you can make it, it will be an amazing event that will teach
you skills that WILL be needed not long from now!!

Thank you so much brother for coming on the show!
Your work has positively affected my life in so many ways
(water, herbalism, weston price, etc) and I am forever indebted!
If anyone is wondering...I have guests on the show from all styles of dietary techniques,
but I truly feel that DV is onto the core of what we need to make it click!
Especially in the LONG TERM!

Enjoy the video everyone!!