Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Apples of my Eye

I planted the trees that these apples came from 3 years ago.
I honestly dont even know their names anymore...
I think one is a Haralred and the other may be a Regent.

My mom mailed these to me about 5 days ago along with some
Whitney crabapples that turned pretty mushy.
I baked those in the oven with sweet potatoes and they
came out perfect...the best way to deal with mushy apples
besides blending them up with greens...

The true beauty about these apples is that
both cosmetically and taste-wise they are flawless.
I dont even buy apples anymore really.
They are usually sprayed and if they are organic,
they are often from New Zealand...go figure.
We are in PRIME apple country and the only ones
we can buy without chemicals are likely from NEW ZEALAND??
And the taste...simply the best ever from these.
I couldnt believe how crisp and sweet...pure gold.

However, I did NOTHING to protect them from worms.
No chemical spray (NO WAY!!!)
Not even a clay spray to block out the worms.
All I did was give them loads of minerals and nutrients in the soil
and did some foliar sprays in the spring with diluted kelp,
apple cider vinegar, and molasses. The nutrients in this mix
have seemed to produce a VERY happy plant that could protect itself.

Not only that, but I also have loads of biodiversity in my garden.
So many different kinds of plants and loads of beneficial insects.

(The Minnesota Food Forest bubbling with Biodiversity)

My grandfather has been spraying his apples for decades,
but he is figuratively living in an island around a sea of corn
soybean fields...think of what the "pests" in those areas must
think about when they have to survive...they will stay right on
that farm and continue to reproduce and until beneficial insects
are introduced the cycle can likely never be broken.

(My Grandparent's place...where is the biodiversity?)

These two pics demonstrate why suburbs covered in trees are
far more useful and environmentally friendly than fields.
My spot isnt even in the suburbs but you get what I mean...
especially if those trees all produce FOOD. Thats the key.

He couldnt believe that I didnt have any worms without spraying.
I told him years before that it was possible and this year he
saw it with his own eyes...follow the laws of nature
and she will be sure to take care of you.

Here's a vid of me talking about it all...cheers!!

We are going apple picking soon and will only support those
that don't spray with nasty chemicals!
If youre into this, call ahead and tell them that if they are spraying
they are losing your business! Money talks in this culture!