Monday, January 11, 2010

The Decade to Rebuild Paradise

At last, the first decade of the 21st century has ended.

What has changed? What has accelerated?

Seriously...its been the most amazing decade of my life,

and the most scary as well, mostly because I finally woke up.

Where was I ten years ago?

I was just another college student, doing the rounds

and hoping to land some crap corporate job after graduation.

I really had bought into our cultural myths for 22 years,

and although I knew something was amiss,

I was basically going along with the program.

It wasnt until I disconnected myself with the distractions

did my truth (possibly not yours) begin to sink in.

What was I doing on this planet? What was the point of all this?

When I was 22 I sat at home and thought about myself

as an old man dying in bed. What would I value?

What would I remember? What would I regret?

Would I be happy with my life if I dedicated it to a corporation?

Somehow along the way I came up with this idea

that I still cling to ferociously today.

*We are here to create Heaven on Earth*

*This planet is #1 our playground, and #2 our workshop*

*we are here to destroy the barriers between Earth and Heaven

by personally creating Heaven in every aspect in our own lives*

I know you all love pics, and there are some coming up,

but Im posting from my friend's computer so stick with me.

So how do we create Heaven here and now?

Perhaps living as if you are an angel?

Hint hint everyone...we ARE Angels.

Perhaps rebuilding the paradise that our ancestors destroyed?

Making each day blissful and completely full of love without judgment?

When I was living in Italy 5 years ago, with no tv,

no internet, no cell phone, no mp3 player,

I somehow came up with the idea to build a sanctuary that would

allow my friends and family to have a place of refuge to pursue

their passions and their artistic abilities without fear of starving

or eviction. I found that the true treasure was free time to create.

Only later did it become a plan of long-term thriving

and path to freedom. I just wanted a place where everyone could

be themselves and not worry about the things that drag most people down.

Little did I know it then, but this was the idea that I still believe

can free us and our decendants and rebuild paradise lost.

I didnt know about Anastasia till 4 years later,

but maybe she sent the idea to me.

Or maybe it just came to me because of my lack of distractions?

I truly believe it was the second.

That this truth can come to us all if we clear out the clutter.

This is the decade for massive change.

If its not this decade, I honestly cant imagine which would be.

But we must act out of love and not fear...right?

As the old saying goes, "Trust in God but still tie up your camel".

And if shit doesnt hit the fan? And you still built your own personal Eden?

Guess what? Youre still living in Paradise and will have eventually liberated

yourself and your family from the corporate food chain,

and possibly even created many new revenue

streams to support your family and your adventures.

So you really can't lose.

Eat the best food ever, live in paradise, save money, earn extra money.

Did I mention that you get to live in a paradise that you built yourself?

I laid in bed on Dec 27th and was asking the "Universe"
for a sign that I was on the right track.
I mean...what young person puts almost all of their money
into building a food forest of all things?
Times were a little tough last year
because of the money I put into that project,
and I sacrificed many good times to buy a greenhouse,
a sundeck, 100 fruit and nut trees and countless other
expenses that just seemed to add up to thousands of dollars.
I didnt doubt that it was a good idea, but was tough sometimes.
So I laid in bed and just asked -
"Please show me a sign.."
*Aliens landing on my sundeck to give me a high-five*
*Extremely lucid dreams of Spirits telling me I was on track*
well....No dreams that night.
The next day I was cutting down more brush and "weed" trees to
build a wildflower meadow directly west of the main garden
and one of the poplar trees that I cut down became snagged
on another standing tree...known by many as a "leaner".
Leaners really stink, because you have to then cut down the other tree
to free the first tree that became stuck.
Its dangerous because the original can totally fall on you.
Both were poplars so I had no problem with that, but its scary
So I start cutting down the standing tree, and they both
begin to fall. Because the first tree was a leaner,
it split about 7 feet above the ground.
This is what I saw when I looked at it.

What (Who) does this look like?

Do you see a neck...a head...wrapped in a shawl?
Looking downward to your right side?

This was the other side that fell to the ground.
A mirror image. I have both peices still.

What do you think it looks like?

My eyes popped out of my head and my jaw dropped

when I realized that it um...REALLY resembled the Virgin Mary.

Now now…don’t assume that I buy into Christian dogma,

but this REALLY looked like her.

(And NO there will be no virgin mary trinkets being sold by me)

I rushed down and grabbed my dad.

He was in the middle of lunch but I dragged him up to see

this and his reply was –

“Um….I guess it looks like her”.

Nevertheless... I felt as though my space was now blessed,
And this happened the morning after I asked for a sign.
Look at the aura coming off of her head,
leading to that star…its just too much...right?
This is the heartwood of a tree...not a stain or watermark.
And then later that day I saw the letter "V" everywhere.
Was it a random split in the wood?
Anything is possible.
Or did the blessed mother of the ascended master Jesus,
visit my space and show her approval?
Anything is possible.
Ill take it as a sign that things are going well
and that I should keep spreading this message.

This is the decade to build your own Eden.
And remember, I had to start from scratch,
and did about 95% of the labor on my own.
If you have a backyard
and a house youre 75% set already,
so dont be discouraged at all!!

Im so over people pointing out problems.
Problems depress people.
Problems depressed me for years.
I was so angry at all the wrong things.
And that anger just paralyzed me.
I rented "The 11th Hour" the other day.
I just watched the section titled "SOLUTIONS"
and then put it back in the mail.
We all know things are other than optimal.
But we must stop bogging ourselves down with negativity.
Solutions. Positive solutions.
If we aren’t having a blast building heaven on earth,
This is seriously the most selfish thing we can do.
Lets take it to a new level this year and the following years to come.
You don’t have to save anyone else.
Take care of you and yours first and everything will fall into place.
Build paradise and your diet will fall into place.
Build paradise and your exercise routine will fall into place.
Build paradise and your soul and heart will fall into place.

This post has gone on WAY too long I feel.
Im doing a talk about this in NYC this Sunday.
Ill be providing my now-famous cacao truffles
And my good friend Jade will be leading a Kundalini Yoga Session.
Finally I can talk about something other than food!
Well kind of…food forests! Damn….hard to escape I guess.
Please contact me at if you are interested.
Its going to go about 3 hours, and including the truffles it will
be $30 and that will be going to building a sacred space in Hawaii
this upcoming year. I urge you to attend to get on the fast track
towards building your own little Garden of Eden.
We didn’t get kicked out of paradise.
We cut it down ourselves and planted annual monocultures.
We can undo this NOW. I urge you to free yourself
and heal your own motherland by creating Heaven on Earth.

2010…we will outshine and outplant the bums
that got us into this mess. We can do this.
This is our time. Our year. Our century.
The people that continue to put us and leave us
in this purgatory (many times Hell for many people)
know that this is coming and that is why they are stepping
up their game big time. We must overpower their fear and hate
with pure love and co-creation.

People are waking up. The time is now.