Monday, January 25, 2010

Groupies? Come on now...

I just found out this morning that a big discussion
came from my "fatisfied" post a week ago.

I ended up reading some of it and I thank all the positive souls
for being open-minded and being nice enough to defend my honor!
Hahaha...oh man the ego was bruised!

All kidding aside, people's actions speak for themselves.
I mostly get upset when judgmental folks refer to rawmodel
readers as groupies, as if they are hanging on to every word
of these ramblings....that just insults everyone, especially the person
speaking that groupie nonsense.

People want to call themselves 'experts' and its totally
true that many of us have had WAY too much time on our
hands and have been able to pick up some solid info and
experience along the way. I never claimed to be an expert.
Im just another soul on the path towards all of you are.

I put up my experience in hopes that it might help other people.
The dairy board hasnt paid me anything (I discourage factory farming
and non-grass fed products so those guys would not be a fan of mine)
and Im just reporting from what Ive gone through.

When people attack my character it just makes others
wonder if their diet has something to do with such harsh words.
I honestly feel sorry for those who live in such a mindset.
Its soul-numbing enough to read, let alone to actually live
in such a judgmental and negative emotional space.

Im living my life, sharing whats coming my way.
If you find some value from the people Ive learned from
(after all, like everyone, I repeat information Ive heard,
YET...I experiment with it myself and simply report how I feel)
then...AWESOME. Im glad its working for you,
and based on the comments everything seems to be clicking nicely.

You ALL know better than to listen to the ramblings of some
male model (of all things...heavens) with no formal nutritional
training. Although, I had to make things work because of my job
and maybe thats what sets me apart...oh right, and results help too.

I limited myself to the raw vegan paradigm, and as long as
I stuck my head in vegan-sand everything made sense.
Sure, some person's teeth were rotting and sure that person
looked all ragged and stripped out, but damn,

That is, until I was blessed enough to hear some other viewpoints
and then make the unbiased decision for myself.
I simply bring some other viewpoints and let people decide.
This is one opinion, why trash it just because its not yours?
Ive felt GREAT on low fat raw vegan but it didnt last forever.
My teeth would start to hurt and I got some cavities.
And of course, constant eating and always thinking about food
and being so bipolar and judgmental towards nice people.
What am I supposed to do, keep doing the same thing?

Thank you ALL for your positive energy,
Im in a really good emotional space right now and I have
all of your good vibes to add to it.
Even the meanies...they act as a mirror and teach us
compassion and open-mindedness.

Im on the computer about 30 min a day and LOVING IT.
Maybe all these folks getting worked up about food
should consider a little less computer time.

The fact that we can simply CHOOSE what we eat
is a luxury beyond 95% of the world's population.

We are really a bunch of spoiled modern humans with too much
free time and too much choice! lets not get so worked
up about food! Lets cover the basics and get some exercise and fresh air.
Here are some cornerstones that one can gravitiate

1. Whole unprocessed foods. This is pretty much 90% of people's problem.
2. Fermented foods. This would take care of so much illness.
3. Low Sugar. Low sugar. Low sugar. Play with stevia and use
HQ sweeteners when needed and treat fruit as a treat not a staple.
4. Highly mineralized sea veggies and leafy greens.
5. If no longer vegan - grass fed and wild animal products.
6. Make some exceptions for heaven's sake. Its just one meal!

Much love and endless thanks,

Anthony (a marginally attractive male model-chocolatier LOL)