Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fatisfied...SOOOO fatisfied.

These will be in abundance at the event in Soho NYC this sunday.
Full of good fats like coco oil, cacao butter, and I can even put
in grass-fed butter for those who really want something fun.
Not to tempt you or anything...
Funny thing...I was shooting for Steven Alan today
and I brought in these truffles...people were freaking over them
and the photographer started asking me questions and it turned
out that he shot the cover for Natalia Rose's new book.
Small world!!! I really like her approach overall.
Im humbled by my changes in perspective in the past year.
I was at whole foods the other day and what did I buy?
3 bunches of parsley
3 bricks of grass fed New Zealand Cheddar *NICE* on sale too
A quart of grass fed HEAV(ENL)Y cream
A dozen "progressively pastured" eggs
Italian spring water in glass.
As we came home and laid everything out,
I was thinking to myself...
"Damn...I never thought Id be buying THIS stuff a year ago."
How things change.
I went through the craziest judgment trips on people that
werent vegan, let alone raw. I didnt even value people's opinions
because I figured that if they hadnt worked out the food issue
yet they didnt have much wisdom to pass onto me.
Damn...what an ass
I was.
I read vegan stuff on facebook now, and its so clear
how annoying most people saw me back then.
Just the tone in the writing of people,
and all the super-misinformed generalizations.
I did a post on Huffington Post
calling out Natalie Portman on her super-generalized views
on why veganism is so great and they didnt even publish it.
I also did a post about chemtrails for them and they rejected that too.
Dont assume Huffpost or Treehugger is what it claims to be...
Since Ive been on the road Ive been keeping my diet really simple.
Ive been hitting the fats really hard, and the results have been
surprising to say the least.
My key has been grass fed cream.
Explain this to me -
I blend up 3 of those previously mentioned eggs,
1/2 a cup of cream (DAMN)
1 vanilla bean
Pinch of sea salt
1 date
and a decent little scoop of coco oil.
I blend this up at 10am.
Its creamy liquid goodness,
sweet but mellow.
From 10am to 7pm I have no desire to eat.
Liquid. Its not like it stayed in my stomach.
I was satisfied for that long.
I did it again today and its been the same thing.
As I was having this breakthrough,
I end up going to my friends' place and we listen to
an interview on OneRadioNetwork with Nora Gedgaudas.
She compared burning sugars to using kindling to keep a fire going.
Always having to replenish the fire with twigs.
Instead, with fats, its like a nice yule log burning away all day.
I had the worst blood sugar issues in my early days of this.
Always hungry...always thinking about food.
Then I would binge on starches and sugars and end up getting sick.
It even brought me to minor bulimia for a while.
Can anyone relate? I know Im a model, but that never happened
until I started going raw and really cutting back on fat.
Anyways, thats totally changed now (its been years)
and Im fit and lean as ever. Major revelation. So much easier.
I almost have to consistently work out to keep from losing weight.
When I tell women that I eat lots of cream they just think Im
either brave, stupid, or lucky. Well...lucky to know whats up at least.
When I was eating lots of fruit and sugars my face was still
puffy, and now its much better and I dont have to do anything.
And the freedom from damn liberating.
Of course...I didnt really talk about that stuff when I was raw vegan.
I didnt want to mess up THE CAUSE. THE CAUSE!!! For the CAUSE!
I felt good, but damn...hungry all the time. Never feeling really satisfied.
That 10oz of fatty liquid kept me in the zone for 9 friggin hours.
Explain that!
And Im feeling just as good, and Im not getting sick or anything.
No mucus, none of that crap. Feeling GOOD.
Feeling steady and solid and GREAT.
It seems that eating light at night and being physically active was truly
the key to alertness and mental clarity, not eating raw vegan.
It drives me crazy when I see the generalizations that all animal
products are bad for humans...for two reasons.
1. I unfortunately used to be in the camp that generalized
2. Its just so misleading and unexplained by those doing it.
Most people in the western world eat animal products. Duh.
Most people in the western world arent that healthy. DUH.
Easy enough.
Most people in the western world ALSO eat refined
sugars, veggie oils like soybean and canola and corn (ahem...GMO)
and eat animal products raised on GMO grains.
Few are happy with their lives because of the work-consume cycle as well.
Why jump to the conclusion that simply animal products are the culprit?
Some vegan who eats tofu everyday is going to tell me what is ethical to eat?
There are major breakthroughs being made in the
post-raw-vegan circles. The ones who are continually searching
have made some big discoveries and are bringing others with them.
Daniel Vitalis, JS and Heidi from RawFoodRightNow,
Truth Calkins, Paul Nison and many others as well.
We have to be honest about the ups and downs of raw vegan.
Are you always hungry? Craving? Thinking of food?
Are you burning sugars (carbs) instead of fats?
Any vegans out there...I ask that -
If you are big into fruit...try making a fat heavy
smoothie in the morning and see how long it takes you
throughout your day. Coco oil, avocado...whatever you fancy.
Im curious. If youre vegan...embrace it as long as you feel.
Just try burning more fats. WAY MORE.
People that are more experimental...
try that egg cream smoothie.
Im curious to see how long that takes you thru the day.
Daniel was putting in some fun extras like colostrum and
ormus but mine is a little more simple for now.
I might dump in some Chlorella and Sunwarrior
tmrw and Saturday to compare,
but I feel like I really stumbled upon something huge.
Ive been eating more fats for awhile now,
but these past two weeks I was really able to experiment
with it and not add in much sugar and its been eye-opening.
If you are not a member of
(and I urge you to sign up...its free and operates on donations)
please search for Nora's interview and see what you think about it.
It was recent so you dont have to scroll down far.
Shall we do an egg-cream challenge?
How about an egg cream feast?
Lets build our bodies instead of strip them eh?
Seriously...if any of you out there start doing this in
the morning, let me know how far it takes you.
I was doing auditions all day, on my feet from
10 to 5 and I just sailed the whole way...easy breeeeezy.
In the spirit of experimentation and open-mindedness,
(who was really a judgmental prick back in the day)