Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Question (of sorts) from R...

(BACK IN THE DAY!! Growing and juicing!)

Does this questions remind you of yourself?
Or your former-self?
I get these questions all the time,
so please shower me with pity!


Hi Anthony!

Hmm Got a good question which I always forget:

How long does it take care to eat then to manage (or separately) all your raw foods per day?

I guess to be more specific: How long to eat, how long to manage (grow/water/cut/maintain) all your greens/veggies/anything you grow per day? Like, I'm guessing you make one tray of wheatgrass per day with 1 1/2 cups seeds unsprouted.

Total it takes me 2-3 hours per day to manage everything, and so far I have been doing (unsprouted) 1 cup garbanzo sprouts, 1/3 cup mung sprouts, 1/6th cup alfalfa, broccoli, radish sprout mix, 1/6th cup clover leaf sprouts, 1/2 cup kamut/spelt sprouts, 1/8th cup almonds, and 1/8th cup Quinoa sprouts, also will throw some flax or extra virgin olive oil/ onions to top it off. Will eat 2 avocados, 2 bananas, and a green smoothie (about 8-10 ounces of a mix of kale, spinach, carrot, tomato, swiss chard, celery, radish, and more) per day. Sometimes I cheat when I am not so hungry and eat less, sometimes will add a few strawberries/mangoes to the mix.

For my outside growing, I grow one tray of wheatgrass (1 1/2 cup unsprouted seeds) per every other day (going to increase to every day), and same amount of black oil sunflower seeds into one tray, and same with pea sprouts. I am about to stop pea greens, and just resume to eating sunflower baby greens. I eat and juice half a tray of wheatgrass per day, which yields about a total of 3 ounces or sometimes 4, and then eat half a tray of baby sunflower greens. That's my routine now. Been doing it for 3 weeks, I just feel like crud, have gotten more pimples and detox symptoms that I read online. So waiting for that 1-2 month detox period to be over.

All this takes me between 2-3 hours, and I'm getting faster every day I notice.

Don't forget to hook me up with your schedule with timing so that I can compare and do the best I can in mine.

Thanks for all your inspiration so far Anthony,



This takes me back to a time when I was REALLY thinking allot
about food...quantities, time frames...all that (fun?) stuff.

I dont do wheatgrass anymore. I probably would if I had the space,
but the grass-fed cream has me so satisfied and its a lot easier to drink.
Hahahahahah. I mean...WAY easier. Oh mercy so much easier.

I would just grow wheatgrass for my goat and then milk her.
I used to drink so much of that wheatgrass, and I did feel really good,
but I have to weigh the balance of what it takes to get the goods
and the feelings I get from it. The grass-fed cream and butter
just cut out all that labor (for me at least) and its way more satisfying.

All the it if you feel.
Sprouts are fun, and although its been awhile since I ate a bunch,
I do value them highly. I guess it boils down to the time/space issue.

If I were in your situation Id be flushing out my colon.
That diet is really cleansing and your skin is dealing with the detox!
Enemas and hopefully colonics! I was pumping so much fiber
through my body the first two weeks of my raw journey
that I had no real detox problems. Fiber is a tool to be used to cleanse!
My diet is fairly low fiber now, and I love it, but at the time it was
really useful and crucial to cleaning me out properly.
I should have bit the bullet and got a colonic, but I heard
all the negative propaganda and it misinformed me for two years.

But honestly...reading this question exhausted me.
I just feel the obsession (?) when it comes to food oozing through the screen.
Let the numbers go and just eat some clean food and get on with life.
2-3 hours farting around with food! Oh heavens now!

Make it simple my friend! Get on with it!
And cheating with mangoes and strawberries isnt cheating!
Enjoy life!

Nothing but love!