Thursday, April 30, 2009

Miracle Fruit...Experienced!

First off, HUGE thanks to Debbie Does Raw
for giving me the book "The Fruit Hunters".

I read this book while I was in Thailand,
and it was a delightful page turner for sure.

In this lovely read, the miracle fruit was written
about with great detail. I had never EVER heard of
this fruit before, and was very excited to try it someday.

When we were in Miami, we came upon a great
tropical fruit tree nursery called Pine Island Nursery.
I was IN HEAVEN there. A ridiculous abundance
of affordable fruit trees. I was used to paying $100
for a tropical fruit tree (this included shipping)
and now I was spending $30! Kid in a candy doubt.

(This is me, totally geeking out in front of mango trees)

I bought four items...
A pink guava, a soursop, a CACAO tree,
and pictured above, the miracle fruit bush.

I was glad that we went there, because we
were able to hand select what was available.
They drove us around in a golf cart,
and we just told them what we were looking for.
It was great.

I spent $100 for ALL FOUR items.
Seriously, drive down to Miami, visit the beach
and Glaser Farms, and visit this place. WHAT A DEAL.

Ok...back to the Miracle Fruit.
Here is what Pine Island's site says:
"Miracle fruit has a unique glyco protein that inhibits taste
buds' perception of sour taste for half an hour up to a couple of hours.
They can make lemons taste like lemon candy. The fruit can be used to
enhance the flavor of grapefruit, strawberries, and lychees.
The fruit also acts as an appetite stimulant for chemotherapy patients.
The effects of the glyco protein masks the metallic taste that food tends
to get after chemo treatment. The plants are best grown in containers,
and they can remain in a seven gallon pot indefinitely.

There were little flowers starting to bud out
on the plant, so we knew we had to wait a little while
before trying these little jewels...but within 45 days,
we had our chance.

(About 2-3 weeks from maturity)

(READY...Let's see what the fuss is all about!)

We had a big bag of organic lemons.
Dawn and I split the berry...there was only
one that was ready, and since many more were coming,
we figured we would split this one and see what happened.

We let the juice coat our tongues, and then I started peeling
the lemons. We bit into it with some hesitation...waiting for that
super sour feeling. You know that feeling...think about it RIGHT NOW.
Taking a big bite out of a LEMON.
Is your mouth watering at all??? Mine too. Talk about mind power.

I want to say that it tasted like an orange.
I want to say that it was like sweet lemonade.
It was more like a CANDY LIQUID EXPLOSION.
We couldnt even believe it.

We then juiced 4 lemons.
We drank the juice, straight up, no water.
I kid you not. I am being so serious.
Pure lemon juice tasted like liquid candy.
Not even orange juice. Sweet liquid candy.


The sugar industry lobbied really hard
to get this off the market, and they pretty much
succeeded. I dont even think you can legally sell these berries.

If you eat one of these in the morning, you have
basically no real need for sugar.
We even did a green juice with just greens and lemon,
and guess what...same thing. A little bitter at the
end as it touched the back of the tongue,
but sweeteners needed.

This plant is from West Africa. It likes shade
and warm temperatures...perfect house plant.
We had it in the sun a little, and it didnt like it.
Think about the possibilities here...
and we have about 15 that will be ready soon.


If you can, get one by selecting it in person.
Ordering online is super convenient, but
you take the chance of getting what they pick for you.

I would still do it though. Some places
were charging upwards of $150 for a plant,
but I spent $35 and we now have fruit. So whats up?
You can get the 7 gallon one for $65 plus shipping...not a bad idea.
You'd have fruit very quickly.
HUGE possibilities here.
Thanks Deb!!!! You are getting some soon!

Thank the universe for the internet...we are so blessed.