Thursday, April 23, 2009

Greenhouse Dome Update W Pics!!!

Cherry Blossoms...about 90 days ahead of schedule.

I finally recieved my camera and charger in the mail
from Minnesota yesterday, so here we go....

It was about 25-30F outside when I was there two weekends ago,
but inside the dome, it was peaking out at around 90F.

I worry sometimes that it will throw off the persimmons
or the fig trees, but they seem to be digging the heat.

The persimmons are blossoming!
Im assuming that it means everything is ok.
Fresh hachiya persimmons this october...

We have some pears that we overwintered inside
of the greenhouse, they blossomed well before the cherries
and are already starting to bear fruit!

I would give the trees a shake to make the pollen fly
everywhere and I would start coughing within
2 minutes because of all the pollen flying around.
I wouldnt sneeze, Im not allergic to it, it was more
of a dust-like effect...I had to step outside afterwards.

Here are some overall shots of the inside.
There is still tons of touch up work to do,
but the basics are in, and will only get better now
that the soil is stronger.

Here is one of the kiwi vines...
you need a male to pollinate the fruiting females.
I got one male and four females.
They will soon be climbing up the walls
and covered in fuzzy kiwi fruits.
Here are the seedlings.
Just a bunch of random stuff,
plus some white sapotes that I sprouted.

And check this out...

One of the black sapotes I grew from seed.
I ate the fruit that gave me that seed about a year ago!
Can you believe that? This is my memento from Mexico City.
Black Sapotes grow to be massive, but we'll see how things go
in the will be fun to see it grow.

I started some plants in NYC and then drove
them to Minnesota. This right here is a blue hokkaido squash.
I will eventually train them to climb up the walls as well. GREENERY!!

Here is one of the three fig trees. The garbage can
sitting next to it is for warmer water storage.
I don't like plastic either, but these had to suffice
for heat storage until I could build something else.
Id like to do some kind of half-buried cedar barrels
to mix rainwater and amendments like minerals
and compost tea...cedar would be ideal for the water.

Lets see if I can find any other pics...
Here's one:

I lived off of these two weekends ago.
Lambsquarters (wild spinach)! Growing like crazy
in the greenhouse, while outside is still barren.
Its sitting next to the beehive...which is empty for a few
more weeks until the new bees arrive.

Im editing vids of the greenhouse tonight,
so those should be up pretty soon.

If you cant afford a dome greenhouse,
just manage to build whatever you can.
Even a 4'x4'x4' square with plastic stapled
to the wood could make your sq foot garden
productive 9-10 months out of the year instead of 6-7.
Even covering individual plants with a cut-open milk
jug would help...especially with heat-lovers like peppers
and tomatoes. If you can think of a safe way to warm
up your soil earlier on, the more produce you can grow,
and the more money you can save, and the healthier, and
HAPPIER you will become. Its all about growing your own.