Tuesday, April 14, 2009

BIG dome update!

In the haste of getting to the airport yesterday,
I left my camera at my parent's place.

Its too bad, because I took so many good pictures of the greenhouse.
It has really exploded with greenery. I was SOOO relieved.
Its hard working on a garden while everything is still
brown and dormant...the upsurge in growth really helps
with the motivation...it was night and day compared to February.

I walked around the greenhouse barefoot all weekend,
and really enjoyed being with the the plants.
The persimmon trees are starting to blossom!!!!

We also have three pears and one cherry in there, which
are waiting to be transplanted outside.

There are already little pears forming and the cherry tree
is in full blossom already. This is WAY ahead of the outside
trees, which are just now beginning to show some little buds.

Having the dome has seriously extended my growing season
by two months on EACH end of the summer. The only real lackluster
months are Jan and Feb, and even those could be amazing if I would have
planted more fall crops that could have been harvested througout
those very cold and dark months.

But ahh...those months are OVER. Its 40F outside,
so when its sunny, its about 100F inside! The windows
pop open if it gets too warm, which is really needed because
it will reach 120F in the summer easily if they are broken.

The camera will be here by the end of the week!
I took lots of videos too. I made a massive hemp-milk
with loads of lambsquarters and bee pollen. AMAZING.

I wouldnt have been able to eat lambsquarters until
early June...its mid april and they are already 12 inches tall.
Growing right on top of the compost heap!
After eating those, organic spinach from whole foods seems
like a sad and very expensive joke.

Ok...planting incan berries and schisandra berries today.
Thanks Rawstrength for sending those S. Berries to me a while back!
I will DEFINITELY send you some when they are ready!

I am starting a new flat of seeds, so I have 18 open slots.
In it, I will fill 3 varieties:

6 purple tomatillos...YUMMY! Salsa with Cherokee Purple
tomatoes would be INSANITY!!!
Not to mention blue and purple corn chips!

Here are the Incan Berries.

So many aliases here...Golden Berry, Cape Gooseberry, Physalis...

All delicious and easy to grow. Read a funny article about them HERE.
What would you do if you had TOO MANY incan berries???

And the ones Im really excited to grow and eat...
SchisANDRA berries!!!

They like shade, so that is perfect.
Make sure you find plants that will love each area of your
living space...there is a plant to match that little pocket of
your home or yard. Cacao trees like Shade...think about it.
I think it might be an ideal indoor fruit tree. Not too big,
and likes indirect light. We'll see how it goes.

Anyhow...Ill get those dome pics and vids up asap.
I found a big grove of pine trees near my house too...
Good to know that a pine pollen source is only a 1/3 of
a mile walk from the garden...cant wait to try this stuff..

Have a great week everyone!
If you havent started some seeds indoors by now,
the garden spirits are NOT happy with you.