Saturday, April 18, 2009

Want to look great? Work out. Duh!

Lets face it, if you want to look good this summer,
simply eating raw food just IS NOT ENOUGH.
And not only for guys...remember ladies, working out
will burn off fat quicker and make you look more toned
and give you more oxygen. WORK OUT.

You've got to earn it...there has to be some physical exercise.
I know it might not be your favorite thing to do,
but the question good do you want to look this summer?

It's one thing to eat a bunch of raw food, but it is
quite another to get off your duff and start MOVING.

I see sooooooooo many people in the community
who SIT around all day reading about being healthy
(usually on the computer) but if you want real results,
we've got to get out and hop to it...make it burn.

I was getting pretty skinny this winter.
We were traveling and I was rarely doing any strenuous
exercises, and I wasnt consuming much high quality plant proteins.

So when we returned to NY, my friend and I agreed to start
working out together and we chose the P90X workout.
(click on the video to make it go silent.)

Its intense, and it includes days of yoga and kempo
(which is like a kickboxing-muay thai workout)
and lots and lots of abs, push ups and pull ups.
Its really into body resistance, and movement.
Im loving it, and the results are really striking already.

Of course, nutrition is key. So we made a big
order from Mountain Rose Herbs that would last
us for a while. The entire program is 90 days.
(Hence the P90X) ;)

Ive done 30 and am already really happy with it.
So here is what I ordered. You might want something different.
We are all different and to try and fit us into one box of nutrition
is a bit small-minded...keep exploring and experimenting.

Maca...always good. Some people might get
a little too sexy if they eat too much of this stuff.

Chlorella...major density here. A whole new level
compared to canned tuna fish. Those poor guys
choking down that stuff dont realize what they are missing
(good quality protein)
OR what they are getting
(a good fat dose of mercury and pcbs...YUM.)

Use chia seeds in place of flax. No phyto estrogens.

Milk Thistle Seed protects the nice thickness
to the smoothies without adding lots of fat too.

Spirulina...Big hugs to Courtney Pool.

Wild Pollen...hopefully I won't have to buy much
more if the bees pull through this year.
But at the rate I eat this stuff, I know Ill have to buy more.

Gojis...complete protein. Not making it a staple food,
but getting in about two or three tbls a day.

Good ol' Hemp Butter...not rancid at all and 11g of
raw plant protein for every tbls. VERY GOOD.
Manitoba Harvest for me all the way.
Freshest and really supports the raw community.

And some tonka beans to play around with...
Im a Daniel Vitalis junkie, and this guy really
knows his stuff, so Im experimenting.

Im also experimenting with some grass fed eggs,
but its pretty minor. The real goods are in the superfoods for sure.

Blast the paradigm of the unhealthy and pale
vegan and vegetarian. We have to work out.
I dont care what facts someone can spit out at me,
or what peices of paper they have that some school (business)
gave them for paying tuition. The only thing that matters
at the end of the day is....RESULTS.
If the person giving you advice doesnt look the way you want to look,
then KEEP LOOKING. Look for results, not diplomas or certificates.

Ive been making videos about these smoothies, so they
will be up as soon as I get the footage in the mail.

Have a great weekend everyone.
One favor that I must ask...