Saturday, April 18, 2009

Addendum to last post

Sometimes I get rushed and I dont have time to review
the posts much before putting them up on the site...

I think accrediation is good. If I was having
a solar panel system installed, I would want the person
to have some kind of schooling and certification, right?

Well, maybe if I KNEW that they installed their own
system and everything was working wonderfully,
then I suppose I would trust their work.

I'm just saying...look at results for sure.
And be patient with your own results...nature rewards persistence.

Stretch as much as possible! That one REALLY rewards persistence.

Im watching "Simply Raw" right now for the FIRST TIME!
Great stuff! Why did I wait so long??

My arms are so sore from carrying two empty 5 gallon glass bottles
for about 2 miles. Filling them tomorrow! FINALLY!