Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Zeitgeist Addendum

I just watched this for the first time yesterday.
I loved the first Zeitgeist, but the second one is
so much more "solution based", and I LOVED it.

Its 2 hours, but feel free to skip around if you need to.
I watched it while stretching and doing some yoga poses.
(I can almost put my palms to the floor again!)

Seriously though, this film is the best I've seen
on the topic of freeing ourselves from the monetary system.
It gives broad utopian solutions, which are great, but
we need to start taking action and providing for ourselves now.

Thats the beauty of permaculture, food forests, and living a
life where you only work if you feel like it, and all of your
basic needs (and MANY luxuries...organic heirloom persimmons anyone?)
are more than taken care of. The time saved by not having
to work will allow you to develop your mind, body, and soul
and finally reach levels of potential never dreamed of.

I plan on having viewings of this film sometime soon!
Maybe even power-walks in central park/and then Westerly Market for snacks?

Thanks to all that contributed to the last post too!
Glad to see so much positivity!