Sunday, July 15, 2007

To Travel or Not to Grow

To Travel is to Grow

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime. ~Mark Twain

I cannot emphasize how much traveling has enriched my experience in this life. I have been around, although not nearly as much as I would like. And that's the funny thing about it, the more that you travel, the more you realize how much more is out there and you begin to feel that you haven't seen anything yet.

And when you are out there in the world, trying to figure out how to get somewhere, or to do something, you meet someone very important - yourself. You figure out who you are deep inside...or at least you get a strong hint about it. Especially if you decide to travel on your own for a little bit...that whole experience is accelerated rapidly. I would recommend some solo travel, but after a while you won't need it anymore, and it will probably be better to go along with your favorite travel partner.

I find it a complete tragedy that people choose to spend money on daily doodads instead...just by eliminating one Starbucks coffee each day you could take a nice $1000 vacation. And think about where you could go if you brought your lunch to work with you! I'm not into restaurants at all really anymore. I like knowing WHO made my food, and HOW they made it. I honor my physical body too much now to jeopardize its health.

I've worked in quite a few restaurants (both very upscale and very not) and let me tell you, they are all gross, and most people are quite unsanitary. The guy making your dinner doesn't know you, so why would he care if he dropped your chicken breast on the ground? Do you think he is going to go through the trouble to stop the entire flow of the kitchen to make a new one while everything else gets cold? NO. I have seen this too many times. Its brushed off, and put on the plate. Your gourmet soup? Its made with powder and cooking in big vats, spooned out like an ordinary soup kitchen. The only difference is that the homeless person got his for free while you paid $5 for it.

So...with that digression...I have realized that I enjoy making my own meals or dining at home with friends and family much more compared to eating out. You can make far superior meals for less money, and you get to put the LOVE into what you are preparing. You think the Guatemalan behind the counter cares about what you put in your mouth? You are a pig-American as far as he is concerned. With the money you save everyday, you could easily do a two week Asian vacation. Easily. Its about consistency this all the time, and think about kitchen conditions and putting love into the food. Ever wonder why Mom's cooking tastes so much better? LOVE.

Back to travel. Its SO easy. I kid you not. Get a guidebook, transfer your eating and drinking out funds towards a travel fund, and in less than a year you can be exploring the jungles of Thailand and drinking coconuts like its your last day on earth. I hiked in the Himalayas for about $30 a day, including all my expenses. I visited with Sherpa families in their simple mountain villages and took part in a snowball fight with Buddhist nuns.

Let's see...those experiences or Starbucks everyday? Please...

And I tell you this...the deeper you go into raw food, the more your senses are open to the truth. You can't deny the truth any longer, and you can't do what you don't want to do anymore. The pathways of creativity are swung wide open, and you find a way to make the life that you want to live become real. Slaving away at a job you don't love becomes unthinkable.


What are you trading in? Freedom? Your life? Fun? For what? The ability to pay bills that you don't even need to have? The more security that you demand, the more freedom you will give up. Many MANY people work at jobs for insurance benefits. But they hate the time wasted there. But they are slaves to the security mentality. Instead, they could develop their own business, live more simply, and easily buy their own insurance, and have so much more freedom. Think about the regret they are going to have when they are laying in their death beds...thinking about how they wasted their youthful years working to pay for stupid cars and stupid clothes. We have really been tricked here.

I went from traveling, to restaurant cleanliness (or the lack of it), and then to the work ethic again. Let's bring it back to the first. The more freedom you have, the more you can grow from the chance to travel. You can go without asking permission like a little child. You truly become your own creator of this life. How does this not sound appealing? Do want to live like a teenager? Trying to get mom and dad to give you permission for everything? You are giving up 10 hours a day to work, so it might as well be towards your liberation. Get a guidebook from Lonely Planet and start visualizing your journey there...soon it will become realized if you want it to be.

Take care.

Raw Food - Traveling - Raw Food - Traveling - Don't waste money! Get it?


Bob Bush said...

Two words... VIET NAM!!!

Yangsta said...

this is a fantastic post! Post more of these!

Thanks Anthony for inspiring me to travel :)