Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sticking to the Curriculum

Sticking to the Curriculum

No matter what it is you do, if you expect to improve yourself and your life, you have to take consistent steps (although usually small and seemingly ineffective) EVERY DAY to make big monumental strides overall. The journey of 1000 miles is taken with small steps, and the beginning of that journey is having the IDEA to take that step. Not even the first step itself, but having the idea to do so.

By stretching whenever I had the chance, I was able to become pretty flexible. Touching my toes was unthinkable a year ago, and that is the way it will feel about many things in life. By reading a little bit everyday, or listening to a simple Spanish conversation for 20 min every day, we begin to rewire our brains and after an extended period of time, we are light years away from where we were.

I know that it seems disheartening sometimes...not feeling like you are making much progress in the first 2 weeks, or even 2 months. But keep faith. Know that you are improving yourself, and enjoy that path. Make it enjoyable by listening to good music while exercising, or planning on a foreign vacation and buying those tickets to make it solid in your reality. Motivation, ultimately must come from within. You can lead a horse to water, but as we all know, you cannot force it to drink.

So...stick with it. Have nothing but fresh fruit for breakfast. Make yourself an awesome salad for lunch or dinner. Drink water all the time. In fact, drink nothing but water and FRESH juice. As you may not know, Tropicana and Minute Maid Orange Juice has to be pasteurized (cooked) in order for it to last long on the shelves. This is dead juice, and basically sugar water with some depleted vitamin c. This is true for even Naked Juice and Odwalla. It is cooked, therefore it is dead. The enzymes have been destoyed, so the magic is gone.

Instead, just eat a few oranges and drink nothing but water. If you have cravings for coffee or coke, ask yourself...why is my brain so focused on drinking coffee? Why can I not stop thinking about an ice cold coca-cola? Think about bathing your insides with the bubbly brown sugary acid cocktail...come on! Ask yourself "Am I ADDICTED then?" Addiction (or...the realization of addiction) only occurs when you step back and look at something objectively. See if you can give something up for a week. Whether it be television, soda, meat, or cheese. You'd be amazed how hooked you are to these things, and how you've been unconsciously indulging in these addictions for decades.

Test yourself, and push yourself to new limits. Where there is no struggle, there will be NO growth. And since NOTHING stays still in the universe, either you are growing and evolving, or you are dying and regressing. There is no stable unmoving ground. If you are not growing, your are dying. Think about this long and hard.

GROW...EVOLVE...BECOME THE ULTIMATE MANIFESTATION OF HUMAN EXCELLENCE. You have as much of a right to it as anyone on this planet. You were born a genius, but were led to believe that you were not. You were told to admire smart men and women, infallible saviors, and creative geniuses and artists. All the while, the ultimate goal, you were told, was to get a good secure job and have kids and buy some junk and pay your taxes. OH...You want to be an artist? GET REAL! That will never pay the bills! We admire these people, but tell our kids to be accountants. Hmm....

Is there a contradiction here? If you were raised knowing that you were a child of God as much as the Buddha or Jesus, would that become your reality? If you were raised thinking that you were a sinner at your that how you would live? Could we all truly live like the Saviors of the past and become them ourselves? Look to these enlightened individuals as the innovators...the ones that showed humanity what was and still is possible. Possible for ALL OF US. And more possible now than ever before. We have the knowledge at our fingertips, and we have experienced the other ways of life that have led to ecological and spiritual destruction. We know that there is a better way, and its time to live it.

"The Least among you, will do all these things and more." - Jesus

"Have I not told you that ye are Gods??" - Jesus

If the church raised you to think that Jesus was your equal instead of your savior, where would that leave them? You would be self-empowered, and wouldn't need them to be the middleman between earth and heaven for you anymore.

I tell you this though, the only difference between you and Jesus is that he KNEW who he really was, and acted that truth out in his life. You haven't realized your inner power havent realized that you are a perfect physical manifestation of God, just like every other being in this universe. The energy of life vibrates throughout the cosmos, and it is flowing through the veins of your body. The person deep down inside of you...the one without the name...without the trivial human drama, that is who you really are. And that is God...You are God observing and living in your own creation in this temporary body.

Big thought, eh? The magic of it, is that everyone you see is also this very same person. Don't be fooled by the different physical appearance. Because not only are you brothers and sisters, you are the same individual. The Ego separates us from this realization, but that is the fun of it. That is the game, and perhaps the purpose Rediscovering who you really many years or lives as it takes to get it right, and then acting upon it. Bringing heaven into the earthly experience.

Live a reality where you are pure good. See the perfection in EVERYTHING, and know that the force of the universe will help you as much as you need and want. Its your choice. You are the producer of your reality, and its up to you to write the screenplay. And please stop worshiping false idols (electronics, fancy clothes and cars, jewelry, and the basically the entire consumer culture). If you get enjoyment from these things that's cool, but look for other things that don't require so much money and hours worked to pay for them. These are hours of your life that you get to use only once. If you enjoy your work that is a blessing though, and if you have the disposable income, enjoy life with it as you see fit.

Get out of the backseat of the bus and jump is the driver's seat. No longer will you allow to let things happen to you. You will make them happen, and love every minute of it.

Continuous improvement. Love yourself and know that you deserve ultimate health and ultimate life. Your body is the temple of the force of life...which many call God, please always remember that. Tell yourself..."I deserve to enjoy vibrant health. I am worthy of this" I love my body and will give it nothing but the best."

All you need is love (and some money...if you want to live in the modern society, but I think that is beginning to look really overrated.)

Peace it and give yourself to it every second. Love yourself and your brothers and sisters. We are all in this together. Little steps every day change our reality.


Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for this. Always looking for more raw inspiration and ran across your site and have been reading your posts now for about an hour. They're all VERY inspirational, but this one spoke to me... about not just sticking with raw, but with sticking with everything "hard" in life, because like you said (paraphrasing) growth comes from the challenge.
Thanks Again.

Anonymous said...

Hi. What do you think of Green Goodness by Botanical Farms. It's a green juice that has fruits, spirulina, sea algae, and other healthy stuff in it. It's found in most grocery store's these days. I'm not sure if you ever had it, I was just wondering if it's still crap with a nice label?

Here's a link to the product:

Anthony said...

About the Green Goddess...I used to drink it all the time. I thought it was such great superfood, along with the Odwalla and Naked drinks. I thought it was the apex of liquid nutrition.

WRONG! Most of it is apple juice, and its COOKED AND DEAD. It has to be, otherwise it wouldnt last two days on the shelf. Sure, you are getting your fruit sugars and your minerals still, but the enzymes are dead and the lifeforce of the drink is gone. Buy a pound of spirulina from and make a smoothie at home. It will be live and will cost alot less overall as well. Peace!

Mary said...


I heard about your website sometime last week - can't remember where...maybe from the raw food vegans Facebook group...yes, I think it was. Anyway, I've been reading your site all morning now (while waiting for my computer to stop timing out all the time while I work) and I LOVE your blog. It's given me some great ideas.

I am a vegan (cooked food) most of the time, with occasional egg eating (from my father's friends hens, they're companions only, not to be killed, so I am okay with that) and I eat a decent amount of raw fruits & veg every day but something (probably a spirit guide, or the Universe) pushed me last week to start reading more about raw.

I was aware of the movement, but after doing some reading, it now feels right (it didn't feel that right before) and I am going to start upping the amount of raw I eat.

Your website has some great recipes that I must try to make and then I would find eating more raw easier to do. Like you I have a sweet tooth, and while there IS raw chocolate out there to be eaten, I also think learning to make some raw desserts would be cool too.

How do you do the green smoothies btw? Can you do them with a regular smoothie maker, or do you need a special one?

Love and bright blessings,

Robb said...

Wow! That was some good stuff man! It spoke a message that I know is true.