Monday, July 9, 2007

A Belated Happy "Independence" Day from Rawmodel

How Free are We REALLY?

Here is a strong idea that I have heard recently. The more security you wish for, the less freedom you will have. This goes for jobs, traveling, and life in general. The most security someone can have would be in a maximum security prison...and that is where the least freedom is enjoyed.

Do you want to be a slave to bad eating habits? If you are sick, are you free to create and travel the globe? Do you need the security of money? Many people do...they have buried themselves in debt and lifestyles that require constant cashflow. So in turn, they are forced to report to work every day and make someone else richer.

I dont want to alienate anyone here. We all have jobs, and most of us young people are trying our best to get by. But remember, more security= less freedom. Think about this. If you are self-sufficient and dont need alot of money to live and ENJOY life, you can enjoy more freedom if you want it.

Hobbies like...gardening, learning something new from library books, exercising, riding bikes in the park, learning a new language...all of this stuff is very affordable if not free. We dont need to pay for leisure in order to enjoy ourselves.

"Emancipate Yourself from Mental Slavery, Only Yourself Can Free Your Mind" - Bob Marley.

See through the looking glass. Realize all the lies we've been sold. As long as you feel ugly and incomplete, you will always be looking to buy something to make you feel better. Realize that you are perfect, and that will soon become manifest within you. Act as if you are perfect. You could be a savior if you wanted to act like it.

Our future is uncertain if not VERY bleak because of the American Dream. We were indoctriated with patriotism by saluting the flag every morning and studying biased history textbooks. We are not free. We are forced to pay taxes for unjust wars, both home and abroad. We are forced to work for money because this system values money over everything else. We are stuck in jobs because we are indebted to our creditors. We believed that we had to have the newest outfit or the newest electronic gadget. As long as you aren't free to eat lunch when you want, are you REALLY free? Could there be a better way to live?

Its a give a take...true. But please...your paycheck will not make you rich. What you do with your paycheck can make you rich. Don't waste it on frivolous consumer goods. Make a plan for self-emancipation and start working towards it. The simpler your life becomes, the freer you are to do WHATEVER you want. If you wanted to go to Costa Rica to learn how to surf next week, could you go? I know I COULDN'T...and it pisses me off.

I am not free. My mind might be free. I can watch commercials all day and not be enticed by any of them. Ive really stepped out of consumerism. All my money goes to making payments on my 5 acres in the Catskills and towards food and rent. I read, learn, exercise and bike, and lay out in the park. This all cost me practically nothing, and I couldn't be more satisfied. Getting rid of my car REALLY freed up a good amount of money too. Really try and do this for yourself and be ready to put away an extra $500 a month on average. (And that is WITHOUT car payments!)

But still, I am obligated to stay in this city even if I want to leave. I want to make money so maybe in 5 years I can be free. You can too. Save your money and do smart things with it. Use it to make more money, and learn how to enjoy life without spending so damn much of it. Set up your emancipation plan now. There are power in numbers.

I'll do a post about food in a few days, maybe tomorrow. Ive been trying to do a mono-diet (just one type of fruit at a time) and lots of green juice. Probably 64 oz a day of green juice. But my passion is creating dishes like the banana-pistachio crepe pictured above. The filling is cacao-carob avocado, with a raspberry creme sauce on top. When I ate this, I couldnt stop smiling because I dont know if I have ever had a better dessert in my life. Maybe the Cacao-Volcano at Pure Food and Wine.

If you ever go to Pure, and arent sure about whether to go for dessert or an appetizer...PLEASE go for the desserts. They are usually much more labor intensive and the taste is simply glorious. Glorious? Yes...pure flavor glory. The Not amazing. You could make them at home much easier than the desserts. Take it from me.

Thanks for checking yourself in all ways possible. Stop supporting this madness of consumer capitalism and imperialism. The sooner you can step out of the worker-consumer cycle, the sooner you will REALLY be free. The greener you are, the better it is for the Earth, and your pocketbook. Buying a Prius is not green. Riding a bike and renting a car once a month to do a weekend trip is green. Think about it...and think of all the money saved and calories burned. Its a win-win all around.

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Aldie said...

Anthony, many thanks for sharing your stories, passions and intelligence with us. Oh, let me not forget the simply delicious recipes and great pics. Keep up the good work, while I promise to keep checking in. Warmth.