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What Has Worked So Far

What Has Worked For Me So Far

Sometimes I believe that I get too critical about some other ways of life. I don't want it to seem that way. I have been there too. I did an internship for selling life insurance. I lived off of chicken sandwiches and milk and grilled cheeses for YEARS. But besides my acne, I was a pretty healthy person. Not super healthy and vibrant, but good enough at the time.

What I'm saying is that I have come across some other ideas, have experimented with these diets and ways of life, and have experienced some really interesting results. The raw-vegan diet has been one of them. Meditating a little bit as well has helped me (however i'm by no means dedicated at all in meditation. Ill do it a few times in a few days, then will stop for weeks for some reason.) Although, Ill still always lay in bed each night and every morning and feel gratefulness for all the positive things (and in a way, negative things too) in my life, so that is like mediation in a way as well.

It is the books that I've read, and the documentaries that I've seen...which have really affected my life.

The magic of quantum physics, and how amazing this universe is...and the role of consciousness and the idea that "the observer" is essential to create reality has completely changed my view of why we are here on this planet at this very moment, and what this is really all about. Here are some of these movies and books.


The Sunfood Diet Success System by David Wolfe

Raw Food/Real World: 100 Recipes to Get the Glow by Matthew Kenney and Sarma Melngailis

Wild Health: Lessons in Natural Wellness from the Animal Kingdom by Cindy Engel

The Complete Conversations with God (Boxed Set) by Neale Donald Walsch - Neale Donald Walsch (Books)

What the Bleep Do We Know!?

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

I recommend that you read this review about the secret as well - Read More

I think it was the most recent one anyways by the reviewer S. Winters

(I have my problems with the Secret as well, but all of the information in this work can be very positive and life changing. I think it focused way too much on "HAVE THE CAR YOU WANT...LIVE IN THE MANSION OF YOUR DREAMS!! idea...but beyond that, its ok. From what i have learned in life, its the experience of enjoying more from less which is truly liberating.
But thats just what I happen to be going though now. Its totally cool if you enjoy different things, we are all different and should honor and enjoy this diversity. I read Walden too intensely when my mind was beginning to open up to different ideas in 2003. I believe that it had a really profound effect on how I've been living my life ever since. Some of us are shaped by our parents exclusively, some of us by books and other media, and most of us both. I'll always put toilet paper on the roller in a certain way and its pretty much because my family did that. Funny right? It seems to work, so I stick with it. I think this is how we approach most of our daily lives. I just happened to read some different material when I was finished with college and I could finally read for fun. It totally opened up my reality.

I think in that in the University System they keep the students so busy that most of them never have time to read books for fun that would distract them from the classwork studies and prevent them from forming different ideas about how life can be lived.

I'll go more into this at the end...back to the list.

Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda (Book)

Simple Living and Solar Power and Gardening:

Your Money or Your Life: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Achieving Financial Independence by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin (Book)

Voluntary Simplicity, Revised Edition: Toward a Way of Life That Is Outwardly Simple, Inwardly Rich by Duane Elgin (Book)

Radical Simplicity: Small Footprints on a Finite Earth by Jim Merkel (Book ...different author)

The New Independent Home: People and Houses That Harvest the Sun (Real Goods Solar Living Books) by Michael Potts(book)

I watch the Home and Garden Channel all the time when Im on the elliptical at night.
There is always great stuff on there, and the yard landscaping shows are my favorite.

Square Foot Gardening: A New Way to Garden in Less Space with Less Work by Mel Bartholomew

The Teenage Liberation Handbook: How to Quit School and Get a Real Life and Education by Grace Llewellyn

And -
Walden by Henry David Thoreau

There are countless others..check out stuff from Anthony Robbins, and you can always find these things in your local library. The idea is just to start cultivating new ideas.

We are all on our own path, and I am cool with anyone who is a good individual and doesn't like harming others. There are so many of us out there that are looking to meet up with like minds, and even though it doesn't happen as much in person as it used to, it does freely occur on the Internet.

Now ideas can spread that can shape our futures. We are no longer limited by vocal chords, and even telephone and print. Now we can see INDEPENDENT ideas...not needing money or group action to be published.

Another thought crossed my mind the other day about travel. You know, there are some people that like to make life enjoyable EVERYDAY instead...and if that includes having a nice lunch in a restaurant, or having a freshly made gourmet coffee every morning without the fuss of cleanup, then that is totally cool.

There are some that like to condense more enjoyment into two week periods or however long as possible, and that's cool too. We are all different. I just happen to live real modestly here in the city and then use my money for travel. Whatever does it for you, does it for you. That's all there is to it.

Although you see some of the more elaborate creations that I've shown on this site, I mostly live off of hemp-coconut smoothies with superfoods in them, green juice, and various fruits throughout the day, both dried and fresh. (Too much dried lately though, although they are figs, which arent so sugary.) Dried fruit is very high is sugar, and you will eat quite allot of it before you realize that you ate too much and a brick is sitting in your stomach. Go slow with it and drink water while you do it, it will be MUCH better for you. I had a late evening of dates and macadamia nuts once, and it was a very difficult night of indigestion that followed.

Here are the basic ideas that I've come across so far that have "worked" for me.

Our closest relatives are the great apes, and their natural diet is the diet that we have eaten up until 500,000...or even 10,000, ...or even 50 years ago.

500,000 years - The Introduction of high levels of meat consumption and the use of fire for cooking .

10,000 years - The era of domestication begins, grain and milk products abound.

50 years - Corn syrup and white flour become primary staples of the diet, along with cooked dairy products and processed meats.

So if we ask ourselves...what is the diet that is MOST natural for us, and that would promote the health enjoyed by the wild animals and more natural people of the world? Its the diet that came before fire. And now we have the resources to bring the best foods from around the globe to our doorstep, for a cheaper price than by going to the health food store. This is whats happening now. The free time is trying to make itself available. And so is the vibrant health. The Universe is making this easier for us, so we can reach higher levels without so much effort.

I've gone through it, and have had amazing changes. Changes never experienced on a vegetarian or vegan or even raw vegan diet with a large amount of nuts and seeds.

When I have gone 50% fruit, 50% leafy greens, things start to change quickly. Energy dips down a little at first because the body is readjusting, but then you start waking up early and spend 18-20 hours a day doing very active activities because you have so much energy. You have clear thinking, and are able to concentrate on books without getting distracted, and more ideas start to flow in.

When I started waking up at 6am after going to sleep at 2am, I had to ask myself what was going on. But it was about going light on the meals, and not eating late, and staying clean with good water and breathing deeply that had pushed me to the next level.

And about spending money. Spend it on what you want to. If the idea of not spending it and saving for a house later works for me, then it works for might not work for you. Another person could be completely content in their apartment, and there are people that have GREAT apartments here and everywhere obviously. I just like being more rural. And although I am in the middle of it right now, eventually I'll come to city only once in a while. We are all different. One way isn't better or worse.

But from my experience, I have found that by simplifying our lives, and minimizing our possessions, we have less to take care of and less to worry about losing. And the less I buy, the less I have to earn to pay for it all. If 5 people were to join forces and do this together, living cooperatively and minimally, then the possibilities for change are greatly increased, and the time frame needed for them to occur is dramatically diminished.

My hobbies that are basically free are as follows:

I ride my bike around the city. I watch documentaries and movies that add to my life...usually I stray from the typical Hollywood distractions. Movies can be downloaded online or rented through netflix for about $20 a month.
I read alot, and study spanish and now french in my free time. I received all my materials through the library or by downloading them for free online.
I buy books, but its usually through, where I will pay about 20% of the retail price. I highly recommend it.
And I listen to good podcasts and music while Im at the gym. An Ipod Nano is $200, but if used to its full extent, its the best $200 spent by far. No comparison. It gives back so much, and can help give you an education that college students pay thousands for.

If we can get more free activities into our life, we have the chance to put more money away for bigger goals and projects. It has worked for me, maybe something different works for you.

So be sure to check out the links, and go to and try and find a cheaper price as well. And get some plants for your place, they really add so much to the atmosphere if you take care of them.

I really should get outside, its beautiful out there and here I am on the computer.

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patrick said...

watched the movie version of Conversations with God recently; Neale Donald Walsch makes a good point about having freedom to admit that he's not perfect so he can move on from where he is.