Saturday, July 28, 2007

Advice is Cheap and Plentiful

The Abundance of Cheap Advice

Everyone has their "two cents" to throw in when it comes to health and overall well-being. Many have exercise tips, and diet secrets. We all know this. There is no shortage of it in this society. Ask 1000 people and get 1500 different answers.

If I can give you any advice on the subject of taking advice, it is to look at who is giving it. You must ask yourself - "Is this person achieving the results that I want to achieve for myself?" Are they in great physical, mental and emotional states? Ive come to find that people who have the most messed up lives are usually the ones running their mouths about how to properly live in this world.

And ask another question as well. "Does this person have anything to gain if I take their advice?" Usually, I'm referring to a salesperson or personal trainer...someone looking to pick up a client. Although in this case, their advice might be sound, but their intentions might not be as pure as simply helping you.

If these two questions are asked and you come to an answer you are satisfied with, then I would go ahead. Above all...look at the results they have achieved. You wouldn't take financial advice from a bum on the street, so why would you take health advice from someone who is clearly not in good physical shape?
So if someone tells you that coconut oil is bad for you, or that avocados are bad for you, or even that raw vegetables and fruits aren't as healthy as cooked ones, simply look at them and make the call. By the way...coconut oil and avocados are VERY good for you, and raw vegetables and fruits are Nature's first law.

I'm not selling you anything. Most of you I probably don't even know. And look at my results. Thats all I can say. Take it for what its worth.

Pictured above? Raw Strawberry Shortcake!....Recipe is here:

They made it sloppy...I layered it and put the strawberry topping all over the top. Its all about the presentation people!!!

Have a great week everyone!


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Hi. Thanks to your blog I don't feel the need to watch tv. Yipee!