Tuesday, July 3, 2007

We've all been lied to

A Thick Web of Misinformation.

The more research I do, and the deeper I look into the issues of why Americans eat the way they do, they more I realize that we have been lied to for generations in order for the meat and dairy and processed foods industries to profit from our ignorance.

This is so apparent now. I see all the myths about protein and calcium requirements being satisfied only with animal products and I now know that they are complete fabrications. Total lies created so every good little robot among us will go out and eat what they tell us.

And because of this diet we have been told to consume, we are sicker than ever, which supports the medical and pharmaceutical industries. If we were to consume a diet of uncooked fruits and vegetables, these industries would basically collapse. I havent been sick for 2 years. Not a cold, nothing. No flu shots, and no immunizations since high school. The idea of putting pills into my body is completely foreign to me now, and it stuns me to see how people just dump prescription and even non-prescription drugs into their bodies without any thought.

We are drugged, and as long as we keep putting gas on the fire (eating an unnatural diet) things will only get worse. And do you think its bad now? The wave is going to crash upon us soon, because the first generation raised after WW2 is now reaching the elderly period, and they are the first Americans to be raised on processed and denatured foods. Everything was organic before the petrochemical boom of post WW2.

Basically this system of ours wont be able to support this, so I would highly suggest of creating ways to take care of yourselves in the next few decades. Plant some fruit trees, learn how to garden, start exercising. At least then you wont have to spend so much on health insurance.

And KNOW THIS...every dollar you pay for health insurance goes towards taking care of the people that trash their bodies. The insurance companies know the odds...and the chances are that you aren't going to cash in on all of your premiums. If anything, I would get catastrophic coverage and just start eating a natural fresh plant-based diet and start getting physically active. You are going to look better, think better, and feel better. And the money saved on drugs and doctor visits and the premiums for your health insurance can go towards vacations and other ways to enrich your life.

BOTTOM LINE...they have sold us the disease, and they are selling us the cure. WAKE UP and realize that if you avoid all the garbage food and meats and dairy products that were never meant for your body anyways, you wont have to pay for the cure because you will be healthy and radiant. Cancer and diabetes are products of bad eating and drinking habits. Our immune systems become so pathetically weak that any cancer cell that enters our body can soon take over. With a healthy immune system, the white blood cells will do their job, but not in the body of a cooked foodist. Too much stress, and the body cant protect itself anymore.

Our parents were lied to, and they wanted the best for us. So with all the misinformation they were given, they passed it onto us. And now, most of us are addicted to the foods we eat and because we've never thought about giving them up, we've never realized how deeply connected we are to these foods. Challenge yourself and see if you can give these foods up for 1-2 weeks and just eat fresh fruits and salads. You'll be amazed at how strong the addiction really is. I couldn't believe how hooked i was on ice cream and pizza. I was a drug fiend...plain and simple.

But we...we have the info on our side now. We have the internet, and more resources than ever. We dont have to believe that cigarettes are good for us (doctor's used to recommend camels...remember?) or that eating meat and drinking cow puss is essential for good health. Bloody lies that are meant to get us to consume. See through the fog and eat the way you were made to eat. Just because our parents were misinformed and are addicted to these foods does not mean that we have to keep repeating their mistakes. Just because we ate certain foods in our youth doesn't mean we have to eat them now. Re-create yourself and your life.

This is it - Whole, Uncooked, Organic, Fresh, Plant Foods. So simple, yet so tough at first. You couldnt pay me $100 to sit down and eat a pizza now though. After all Ive learned, and the achievements in health that Ive made so far, it would be such a huge step back. Sounds very silly, but I must be saying it for a reason. Ive been through alot in my 2 years of eating living plant foods, so give some weight to what I have to say.

I love pizza...so I make them raw once in a while. A nice sundried tomato spread, a crispy corn/flax/red pepper/tomato crust, shredded zucchini, and basil on top. Loving every bite...and no big ball of dough and cheese in my stomach afterwards. I get gas just thinking about it...yikes.
See through the lies...and embrace your truth. Find out for yourself and see what you feel. Contact me at anthony_aanderson@yahoo.com if you have questions. Im here to help.


Nataliya said...

I feel the same way about drugs.
Never liked the idea of putting some strange-looking strange-tasting chemicals into my body.

You have a nice blog

Anonymous said...

I respect your POV but as a 'meat-eating infidel' feel compelled to point out that I haven't gotten ill in over 2 years as well. But then I've never really consumed meat or dairy in huge quantities anyway - certainly not in the quantities most Americans do. Maybe the key is moderation rather than swinging from one extreme to the other?

AmyO said...

A talk about cancer being a natural body mechanism that develops to overtake and replace damaged cell but we haven't evolved enough to make use of it and instead the cancer cells aren't used by the surrounding tissues and become tumours using up space and blood supply. The only way forward is prevention!