Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Healthforce Superfood Seminar w Bethanne tmrw at 6pm Pacific time!

If you miss the live interview Wednesday evening,
check out the FREE downloadable podcast HERE.

Since its tuesday, obviously the interview hasn't quite happened
yet but that link above will bring you there once Bethanne has posted it.

We'll be talking about superfoods, food forests, conscious commerce,
and other special strategies I have included into my life in the past
couple of years. Along with that, ill share my story of how I stumbled into
the living foods lifestyle...its an hour long so it will fly by.
Learn from my successes (and my mistakes!)

A big thanks to Bethanne, Dr Sheridan, and everyone at Healthforce
for adding so much integrity and generosity to the community -
we need SOOOO many more companies like Healthforce!

Bethanne's personal site is Ediblegoddess.com
and she is having a big sale on there so check it out..great ebooks!


This is the link to attend! See you there everyone!!