Tuesday, November 9, 2010


a good question recently -

What sweeteners are you digging right now anthony in your elixirs?

Any thoughts on the ''raw'' coconut sugar crystals by Coconut Secret?

Because Ive had some change ups in the sweetener department,
this question came at a perfect time.

I HAVE found the coconut sugar recently...it was in the bulk section
at the Venice Whole Foods and Essential Living Foods was offering it.
They are CRUISING now...
So we read the label, and having had the coco amino and the
thick nectar syrup thing at Dhru/Lori/Phil ' s place in Temecula,
I thought the dried version would be worth the try.

Ive added it to a deep dark chaga-reishi tea and its like espresso
with caramel! Seriously. Im loving that dried nectar WAY too much haha.

I mix it with the grass fed cream from organic pastures and its seriously
ridiculous how perfect it is. I mix it with the frozen organic raspberries
from Trader Joes (THE #1 best thing about TJ's is the frozen organic berries!)
and that combo is just wonderful...we'll add in some heritage flakes
or oats and some raw granola...a good breakfast without a doubt.

I have some great honey here but besides mixing some
Honey Pacifica (raw and spray-free) with our elixirs
we have ignored the avocado honey for awhile,
as well as the black sage.

They are great for salad dressing but for
one reason or another we've just used a little coco nectar crystals
and the dates that we got from Deb's fav farmers market this sunday.

I put 3 or four medjools and let them soak in coconut milk
and have them the next day with raspberries...YES!

I tend to have a sweet tooth, usually it behaves but if I indulge
its better to do it earlier in the day and brush your teeth after hahaha

My sugar has been high with all the good fruits around too -
DurianRider would be proud of me!
One day I ate probably 20 sweet yellow guavas that were just heaven.
And sapotes, persimmons, figs...its been higher than normal.

There it is...always experimenting and mixing it up!

I know sugar is bad but hey - I have to experiment.

Where is everyone else on the sweet side?