Thursday, November 18, 2010

Angels and..."Food Safety"

The tipping point has happened - if the Powers that Be
want to continue to lose control, the best thing they can do
is to try and regulate home gardeners.
The harder they squeeze, the more people wake up.
Its happening with the TSA and the Corporate Rapists...
the original gangsters are hidden in the banksters - dont ever forget.
They have lots of minions they call "politicians"...these hired
hands do all the bidding, but are just middle management.

from a friend -

Hey Anthony, how are you hanging out there?
I wanted to ask you a favor...I believe you've heard of bill S.510, have you?
I think we all should make a post about the importance of preventing this bill to pass, because all you do could be illegal if this passes. So I encourage you to make a post about how people can help in preventing this bill to pass...check this website's post:

Good luck, and keep doing what you do!!

The number one thing we can do to wash darkness away from
the earth is to simply become the angels that we really are.
One angel shines out thousands of devils,
and by planting food forests and waking people up about
wage slavery and all the distractions used against us,
the illuminati have NOTHING to defend themselves.

They rely on a few things to maintain control -

Most TV, Videogames, and even Fashion.
They are all meant to keep our minds off of us being turned into
living-breathing tax paying batteries. Giving OUR energy to THEM.

Fear....the biggest one ever. FEAR.
How low of a vibration!
When the nazis went door to door and terrorized the public,
they were COMPLETELY outnumbered.
If the public would have realized what was in store for them,
maybe they would have fought back and turned that evil 1%
into a sad but brief memory. Thats why we MUST remained armed.
Its happened before, and the patterns are showing themselves again.

That might sound crazy to some,
but what the illuminati want the most is a passive unarmed population.

And its not just fear of armed govt goons telling us to get in a train,
its also the fear of not having enough "stuff" or looking poor.
I used to sleep outside in europe (calling it urban camping is better)
and eating food from the dumpsters just to see what it was like,
and it was the most liberating thing to have jumped off the cliff in a way
and to know that the safety net could only be woven by myself.

Knowing directly that i could be happier without so much stuff
was such a huge the thought of "lack" really becomes just
an individual feeling from a person who is benchmarking their life
against the pure illusions of the elite to make us worship and try to emulate them.

They always show celebrity mansions and their cars, their clothes.
Its all to make us feel insecure and to worship them and their lifestyles.
Little do we know that they are the biggest slaves of all.

Well...anyways, if they want to come and take my food forest..
it will be a very bad idea for them.

SO - plant it now! Just do it! Seriously!
JUMP IN AND PLANT! Build up the soil,
start making drawings...just do it asap.

And the ANGEL you are.
You came to this planet for a reason...
and its not to have kids or make money and have a luxury lifestyle.
Your higher self knows the true mission, and only by blocking out
the distractions and fear can we fully embrace the LOVE
that is our birthright - along with living in Eden.

I believe we are here as Angels to bring Heaven to Earth.
The devils in power have had all the money and time and support
in the world to build paradise for us all, and obviously that isnt
their idea - but they are teachers for us...we know from their lessons
that is IS UP TO US, AND ONLY US...the Angels of Planet Earth.

So just go for it with no regrets.
I wish I didnt waste so much time in school being distracted
and climbing the ladder...dont waste anymore time, its really coming
down to wire now so your involvement in this mission is beyond crucial.

Take a deep look into your own eyes -
who the heck are YOU...REALLY?
Are you joe or mary...or is that some temporary human illusion?
Could it be that you and I are actually the same person deep down?

You can name that "person" if you want...many have.

Im not saying that I have IT figured out...Im trying my best
and just hoping that others will be angels instead of distracted souls -
I feel for certain that we chose to come here to replant paradise...
that we...each and every one of us, is actually Source Energy...
we are manifestations of God on the physical level,
some of the most powerful manifestations in the Universe,
with both the mind to imagine, the HANDS TO CREATE, and the heart to LOVE!

Here's to us! Much love fellow Angels!!!