Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Question from Rose about Kombucha

We've been mixing our kombucha with springwater and
Elixir of the Lake and Vitamineral Green from Healthforce Nutritionals
and have been LOVING IT bigtime...Elixir of the Lake is GOLD!!

Hello Anthony!! I had a quick question for you. Where can you buy,or where do you get your Kombucha from, and how do you make it? I'm sure I remembering you blogging about it a while back, but cannot seem to find that post. If you could let me know how you make it that would be awesome, thanks!!

Always an inspiration!!


I make it myself now! Its great - I make 2 gallons of black tea with about 10 bags (weigh it out if you have to, always organic and just black tea for starters...) and two cups of sugar or maple syrup. So 1 gal = 5 bags and one cup of sweetness. Pour a bunch of kombucha OR put a pancake scoby inside and in about 2 weeks it should be sour. I get 2 gal glass jars from Wal-mart with the glass lid - they are awesome. I know its wal-mart and its not the coolest I guess to shop there but its the only place i know of that has the jars.

We are going to do a kombucha demo in california really soon as well,
going to do sarsaparilla and oolong tea!
Thanks for staying in touch!!