Sunday, November 7, 2010

Why seeds?

Our seed collection is doing better than we ever
thought possible this early on...we are so grateful!

From nettles and dandelion to astragalus and calendula -
what has been planted in the ground already and what will
be planted next spring will spread and spread for decades.

Think about the hundreds of seeds put out by each plant..
what we plant now could very well travel on and on for a very long time.

There could be nettles growing in a random
deserted Los Angeles parking lot
10 years from now that originally came from a Blackbird tin in way back when in 2010.

That is powerful idea.
Nature can spread like a mofo if humans
just get the hell out of the way.

Seeds are like life-bombs...asymmetrical
bursts of birth/thriving/recession/and death.

Guerilla Gardeners should have free reign to the city - for they are working for love!!

Once I finally honored the Earth by taking care of her skin.
(which we all call soil, and which we depend on for life)

By taking care of the soil, by recognizing it as a galaxy of life
and feeding it like an actual pet, my thumb suddenly became pretty green. The plants surged, and I simply loved them and treated them as the sentient beings they are. It worked.

By offering seeds, we are able to encourage the replanting of Paradise...the real-life nuts & bolts of it. No more philosophizing...ACTION is needed now more than ever. And by getting seeds out there, and seeds that have vigorous potential,
we are directly fighting the dark forces that seek to remove as much plant life from mother earth that they arent able to genetically engineer and resell to the public. Our seeds our heavy get ready for abundance when the cycles come around. Spread the life...spread the overgrowth. Spread more oxygen around! Heaven knows we need as much fresh air as we can get these days!

We are doing an event at Erewhon next sunday at 2pm! We will be covering all this and more!!! See you soon!