Saturday, October 2, 2010

California HO!

(I swear this is real...give yourself enough time and you WILL hit the bullseye.)

So here's the scoop - we are moving to about ASAP.

We had such a powerful experience out there last week.
It really solidified that we need to pursue things out there.
I can do some castings again and really promote our message.

We love Arizona...but as you and all of us know -
things will happen much quicker out on the west coast.

Whole Foods loves our mission and we met with the California people
a few days ago so everything is falling into place now.

We are going to get a space where we can have lots of events and
eventually have a legit storefront to really bring the message home.


In the meantime, we just want to get out there and start NOW.
We are looking on Craigslist and things are promising,
but we are also putting our situation out there for all of our friends
in case they know of a random *or not AT ALL random* situation
where we could housesit or sublet for a few months.

If you know of anyone that wants to travel for the fall season
or anything, let us know...we are always looking.